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Who is the ideal student that I should recommend for a mentee experience or externship through SEAM?

Students who are unsure of what they want to do with their traditional liberal arts major (including, but not limited to Philosophy, English, History, Sociology, etc.). This program is designed to demonstrate the universality of a liberal arts education. Any student can benefit from the professional development of an externship. Recommend a student for a SEAM externship.

As a recommender, will I need to do anything else to help facilitate this process?

No, we appreciate your help in recruiting awesome students who would benefit from an opportunity to explore career options. Students will receive a personal, email invitation from XPD when the student application opens in October (for alums it would be a personal email invitation in September). The student application can be found online and is typically due early-November.

Is a recommendation required for the student to make it into the program?

No, recommendations are meant to put students on our radar, not decide who gets in and who does not.

If there are companies or alums I know of that would like to be a part of this process as a mentor, where do I recommend them or send them?

You can do one of two things!

  1. Direct them to the following form to express interest in becoming a SEAM mentor.
  2. Complete our alum recommendation form and XPD will email the alumnae/i when the application form is available. 

How do I determine what qualities, or who might make a good mentor for the program?

Since this program is designed to demonstrate the universality of a liberal arts education, ideal alums are those who can share their professional development journey within a traditional liberal arts major (including, but not limited to, Philosophy, English, History, Sociology, etc.).