Community Partner Involvement Timeline

Service-Learning Timeline

Before Semester Begins:

  1. Faculty will alert the Service-Learning Program of community partner needs.
    a. Requests for Fall Semester- due mid-late April.
    b. Requests for Spring Semester- due mid-late November.
  2. Service-Learning Program will notify community partner of new possible pairings at their site.
  3. If offering service-learning in a course that is taught yearly, the Service Learning Program will assume that community partners will remain the same unless otherwise notified by the professor.
  4. The Service-Learning Program will forward course syllabi to community partners to ensure each course's specific learning goals are met at each site.

Beginning of Semester

  1. The Service-Learning Program hosts a lunch for the community partners to meet the program staff and the students they will work with. A fair is held afterward to allow service-learning students to meet the community partners. Dates and information regarding the fair will be sent out in the beginning of each semester by the Service-Learning Program.
  2. Communicate with the Service-Learning Program of any issues contacting students and making placements.

Note: The Service-Learning Program makes every attempt to place students with their first preference site of service. This is not possible in every case. Students need to be aware that by ranking placements, they are indicating that they are willing to work with a second or third choice as well.

During the Semester

  1. Some service-learning courses hold reflection sessions once a semester.  Some professors may ask for the site coordinators to be present at these disussions.  Communication regarding these events will occur in advance.
  2. Notify the Serivce-Learning Program of any issues or concerns relating to student experiences at sites.
  3. Throughout the semester, it is asked that community partners validate hour updates submitted by students.

End of Semester

  1. A final total of service hours will be sent to their community partner on the last day of the semester.
  2. Community partners will be sent student evaluations that will then be submitted by the end of the semester.

Transportation is the greatest challenge and barrier faced by the Service-Learning Program. Currently, we have two options for transportation for students:

  • The use of a personal vehicle or car pool with a friend or class mate
  • The Shuttle