Host Organizations and Site Supervisors

An Internship is a Partnership

  •  Between the faculty moderator, site supervisor and the student intern. 
  •  An internship for credit is a structured, supervised experience that combines academic learning and career exploration in a professional work environment.
  •  Students gain hands-on experience, learn new skills, explore a profession, apply and test theories and methods learned in the classroom, and develop a working knowledge of the organization's structure and operations.

Benefits to your Organization

  • Access to students with special skills and knowledge.
  • The opportunity to train new professional in your field and develop a pool of potential employees.
  • Assistance with special projects or a fresh perspective for on-going projects.
  • An opportunity to develop supervisory skills for your current staff.
  • A mutually beneficial partnership between your organization and CSB/SJU.
  • A walking billboard for your organization! When interns have a positive learning experience, they are enthusiastic spokespersons for the host organization.

The Role of the XPD - Experience & Professional Development Staff

The XPD staff acts as a liaison between the student, college faculty, and the organization providing the internship experience. This involves monitoring the intern's progress, providing information, and receiving feedback from you!