Major in Theology with a Concentration in Pastoral Ministry

Requirements for a major in theology (44) with a concentration in pastoral ministry (10-16 credits)

  • THEO 100 Theological Explorations
  • THEO 210 Historical Development of the Christian Church
  • THEO 220 Philosophy for Theology
  • THEO 221 Thinking Theologically
  • THEO 300 Engaging Scripture
  • THEO 390 Fundamental Moral Theology (satisfies ECS)

16 credits (four courses) of electives that support the concentration, as outlined below:

One course in Theology and Human Diversity

  • THEO 328 U.S. Hispanic Theology
  • THEO 346 Diversity & Christian Community

And three courses, from three of the four following areas:

Theology of worship with practical application

  • THEO 350 Christian Worship
  • THEO 351 Initiation and Eucharist
  • THEO 359 Liturgy Topics

Theology of pastoral care with practical application

  • THEO 333 Suffering and Christian Healing

Theology of catechesis with practical application

  • THEO 381 Youth Ministry
  • EDUC 355 Pedagogy for Theology

Theology of spirituality with practical application

  • THEO 330 Christian Spirituality
  • THEO 331 Benedictine Spirituality
  • THEO 339A Discernment & Christian Decision Making
  • THEO 339B Spiritual Companioning

Additional credits in the Concentration:

  • THEO 380 Theology of Ministry (Pastoral Ministry)
  • 10-16 credits of THEO 397 Internship (serves as THEO Capstone)
Note to students and advisors:

Students in this concentration should aim to take THEO 380 in sophomore or junior year. Otherwise, the 200 level courses are ideally situated earlier in the four year plan, certainly before senior year. The 300 level major courses are best situated in junior and senior year. Remaining 300 level electives can be taken anytime.