Full Circle Greenhouse

The Full Circle Greenhouse is a student-run, passive solar, winter greenhouse project committed to engaging the CSB/SJU and surrounding community in the process of growing local food.


Full Circle provides CSB/SJU students, faculty, and staff, as well as the surrounding community with fresh produce in the winter months. Full Circle also allows students the opportunity to participate in the experience of growing their own food in a sustainable manner while engaging in business management. It serves as an educational center where classes, students, and community members learn - first-hand - the science behind a passive solar, winter greenhouse. This project has been a wonderful way to see students led sustainability in action! 

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Meet the Root Team

Student Director:
Margeaux Pederson (Environmental Studies '21)
Financial Officer(s):
Megan Handelin (Health administration ’21)
Horticulture Team:
Anna Koehl (Nursing ’21),
Katie Barclay (Environmental Studies ’22)
Adrianna Warden (Nutrition '22)
Volunteer Coordinators:
Jack Grabinski (Biology/Environmental Studies '23)
Marketing Team:
Grace Sinclair (Nursing ’22)
Megan Greenberg (Environmental Studies ’22)
Margaret Heroux (English/Secondary Education '22)
Katie Wagner (English '22)
Education Team:
Elijah Browne (Computer Science '24) 
Alexie Horner (Biochemistry '23) 
Madde Schetnan (Sustainability Office/MN GreenCorps Member) 
Elena Vrba (Individualized - Computer Art '21)
Lisa Gentile (Professor - Chemistry)
We are always looking for volunteers!! If you are interested in volunteering with Full Circle, email [email protected] or fill out this form.