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Rachel Brodeur (she/her)
Sustainability Coordinator

Rachel brings with her a strong background in sustainability work with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Luther College, as well as the experience she gained in her previous position serving as a MN GreenCorps member. Her year of service was spent on the beautiful North Shore working in Lake County, MN where she conducted outreach and education on waste reduction and proper recycling initiatives. Rachel is excited to begin her time here at CSB creating new partnerships, moving CSB towards its sustainability goals, and engaging with students, faculty, and staff as a sustainable community. 

Sean Fisher '23 (he/she/they)

Sean is a sophomore Environmental Studies major from Pueblo West, Colorado! He is an avid outdoor adventurer and loves avocados, eggs Benedict, and dismantling the patriarchy! He is the 2021-22 SJU Senate Sustainability Representative, Swimmer and Diver, Q+ Board member, Crowned Queen of the 2021 Drag Show, and a member of the improv comedy group The Attention Starved Children. Sean started working at the sustainability office because sustainability dictates how his life is run and plays a major role in all of his decisions. He is actively advocating and educating on what intersectional environmentalism looks like and how different forms of environmentalism and sustainability are the key to a green tomorrow! He continues to work on making everyday sustainability easily accessible and attainable for all Bennies and Johnnies! He also enjoys sustainable fashion and thrifting a stunning and sustainable wardrobe!

Josie Baker '22 (she/her)

Betsy Ruckman '23 (she/her)

 Betsy is in her second year at CSB and she is from Monticello, Illinois.  Betsy has a love for the earth, even if that means confronting the less pretty aspects of our presence on it. She’s excited to fight all kinds of waste on our campus! You may find Betsy in a dumpster outside the Perk conducting a waste audit, in Gorecki drinking her favorite Rwandan fair-trade Sun Coffee with soymilk, or curled up somewhere with a good book about regenerative agriculture. (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is her current read!) She's also updating the website. Betsy is super cool.

Mahina Melim '24 (she/her)
Ryan Imm '24 (he/him)
Abigail Kuboushek '25 (she/her)
Maya Ricard '25 (she/her)

Elly Strunk (she/her)

MN Green Corps Member serving with CSB/SJU until August 2022. 

Q: Who are you? Are you a club?

We are an institutional office with several paid student employees and a Full-Time Sustainability Coordinator. 

As Catholic, Benedictine institutions, the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University accept that all Creation is a gift and we are expected to care for Creation and be stewards for the entire community of life on Earth. Our commitment to this stewardship, by definition, incorporates the principles of sustainability: our actions should be ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable today and for future generations.  These three pillars of sustainability guide our actions: People, Profit, and Planet (Which is also the name of our Office Podcast!)

Q: What do you do?

The mission of the Sustainability Office is to support existing sustainability efforts on campus, develop and implement new programs, and facilitate the exchange of information and partnerships related to sustainability between all members of CSB's community.

To that end, we do all kinds of things: We hold the Sustainability Councils on SJU and CSB with faculty, staff, and students. We have a podcast where we talk about campus sustainability issues and an Instagram for student outreach. We sponsor institutional policy changes (like the plastic water bottle ban back in 2011 and our Climate Covenants. We love working with clubs, so reach out if you have an idea for improving the campus!