Student Accounts

General Policies and Information

The University expects each semester’s fees to be paid on a timely basis. If a Federal, state or private or other education loan is required to pay all or part of a semester’s fees, the application for such loans should be completed well in advance of any payment deadline. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to proceed into a new semester while still owing money on his/her account from a previous semester. The Student Accounts Office may hold/cancel registration for failure to pay this balance.

The University reserves the right to withhold statements of honorable dismissal, transcripts or records or diplomas until all college bills have been paid or until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Student Accounts Office.  The University reserves the right to prevent a student from taking their final tests if they are not up to date with their payments as stated in their Payment Plan document.  Registration may be cancelled by the Student Accounts Office for failure to pay fees. Amounts owed from the previous semester must be paid before starting each new semester.

For information concerning specific charges on accounts, please contact the appropriate department by email or phone:

CSB: 320-363-5510

SJU: 320-363-2496

Center for Global Education Office


Dining Service

(Meal contracts)

CSB: 320-363-5112

SJU: 320-363-3487

Health Services


IT Services

(Computer software)


(Overdue books/fines)

CSB: 320-363-5611

SJU: 320-363-2122

Registrar’s Office

CSB: 320-363-5260

SJU: 320-363-3395

Residential Life Office

CSB: 320-363-5580

SJU: 320-363-2735

Security/Life Safety

(Parking permits/fines)

CSB: 320-363-5000 SJU: 320-363-2144
Student Employment

CSB: 320-363-5885

SJU: 320-363-3855

Financial Aid

(Loan, Work, etc.)
Email: [email protected]

CSB: 320-363-5388

SJU: 320-363-3664

Memo Items

Any items listed in this section on your billing statement have not been subtracted from your total amount due on your account statement. They are included in the current balance on your electronic payment screen. Please refer to the sections below on loans and scholarships if any memo items appear on your statement.

Authorized Financial Aid

If loans or other aid items appear under this section, you have completed all the steps necessary. The item will apply to the account when the disbursement date arrives. Some Federal Loans have disbursement dates set by regulation to apply near the start of classes. You will not receive finance charges on Authorized Aid amounts. Authorized Aid has already been subtracted from your total amount due on your account statements and the current balance on your electronic payment screen.


Any loans that appear under the MEMO ITEMS portion of the bill are in process.  You may subtract these from your amount due. If the loans you plan to take for the school year do not appear under the MEMO ITEMS it means you have not completed the process to apply for these loans.  Please refer to the Loan Acceptance Instructions. If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office. 


If any scholarships appear under the MEMO ITEMS portion of the billing statement, it means the Financial Aid Office has not received a photocopy of the thank you letter for this scholarship.  Please log in to Banner Web Self Service, go to Financial Aid, Financial Aid and Student Employment Requirements and complete any missing thank you letters and any other requirements.

Outside Scholarships

If you have additional scholarships from outside sources such as your community, service clubs, etc., they will not appear under the MEMO ITEMS portion of the billing statement. The full amount of an outside scholarship check will be applied to your account for the semester during which it is received if the amount is less than $1000.  Any amount over $1000 will be split between fall and spring semester. You may subtract the scholarships which you are expecting to arrive within the semester. Scholarship amounts that have not arrived by the due date are subject to a finance charge. If you have any questions about specific MEMO ITEMS or other financial aid that does not appear on your billing statement, please contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Student Employment

If you are working on-campus during the school year, you may choose to have all or a portion of your earnings credited to your student account to help cover part of the balance due.  New student employees will need to complete a “Billing Account Payroll Deduction Form” during fall orientation to choose this option.  If you are a returning student employee, and want to change your payroll deduction, please complete a new “Billing Account Payroll Deduction Form” available online at You may subtract the earnings you plan to apply to your account for fall semester from the balance due.  Students are paid monthly for hours worked the previous month.  There is a finance charge assessed on any balance due after August 10th, including any balance due that will be covered by future student employment earnings.

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