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eBilling and Payments

Payment Agreement Form

Choose a Payment Plan on the Forms Portal:

Forms Portal

Payment Plan Options

Standard Payment Plan:

Under the Standard Payment Plan, Student/Parent agrees to pay all fees then owing on August 10th for Fall term and on January 10th for Spring term. Student/Parent agree to pay any additional fees or charges accessed during the term, on the next monthly billing statement due date.

There is a finance charge of one percent (1%) per month on any amount not paid when due.
Deferred Payment Plan:

The Deferred Payment Plan is through the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

This plan allows the student to pay the costs in four payments for each term. Due dates are listed below.

There will be a 1% (one percent) per month finance charge (corresponding annual percentage rate of 12%) for the Deferred Payment Plan.

Pending/Memo Aid will not be subtracted from the current balance when calculating the monthly finance charge. Financial aid will only be subtracted as the monies are received by the university, or in the case of student employment, as it is earned. Pending/Memo aid includes: scholarships, loans, grants, and student employment.

Fall Term Due Dates:

August 10 – 1/4 of initial balance
September 10 – 1/3 of the remaining balance
October 10 – 1/2 of the remaining balance
November 7 – entire balance due

Spring Term Due Dates:

January 10 – 1/4 of initial balance
February 10 – 1/3 of the remaining balance
March 10 – 1/2 of the remaining balance
April 7 – entire balance due

A student may change plans at any time. To make a change, go to the Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement. If you have questions, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 320-363-2193.

Review Your Bill

Billing statements are sent out monthly, around the 12th of each month, via e-bill to your campus email.  We do not send any billing statements to your parents, unless you set your parents up as authorized user. 

Log into Banner Web Self Service:

Banner Web Self Service

(If you have set up Duo two-factor authentication, confirm your identity to proceed.)

  • Select Student Services
  • Select Student Account
  • Select My Account
  • Account Activity: Current term’s activity
  • Statements: Monthly statements by clicking on the dates in the drop-down list
Trouble viewing your bill?

Authorized User Set up and/or Pay as

Setting up an Authorized User allows you to give access to someone else, such as a parent guardian or spouse, so they can see your monthly bill and make payments on your account.  They do not have access to your stored payment methods, academic records or other personal information.  You may have more than one Authorized User, and you may remove an Authorized User at any time. 

  • Select Authorized Users on the right side of the screen when review your bill
  • Enter the email address of the Authorized user
  • Select Continue
  • Select I Agree then Continue
  • An email will be sent to the Authorized User’s email address that was entered
Authorized User Log in – CSB
Authorized User Log in – SJU

Make a Payment

Electronic Payment:
  • Banner Self Service > Student Services > Student Accounts > My Account
  • Select Make a Payment when reviewing your bill
  • Enter the amount in the box on the right side of the screen and select Continue
  • Choose a payment method from the drop-down box: New Electronic Check (checking/savings) or Credit Card Payment
  • Be sure to print the confirmation page for your records
Note: There is a 2.95% convenience fee charge added to your payment if you use a Credit Card Payment. There are no additional charges for an Electronic Check payment (using your routing and account number).
Cash or Check Payment:

Drop off at the CSB and SJU Students Accounts Office located on the first floor of the Quad, Room 148 on the SJU Campus.

To mail a payment:

Write your Banner ID number or name on the check and mail to:

CSB and SJU Student Accounts Office
2850 Abbey Plaza
PO Box 5000
Collegeville, MN 56321

Other Information

During the first two weeks of each semester you can charge educational materials (books, pens, notebooks) at the Bookstore to your tuition account. Please factor this in when you or your parents are making any payments to your student account.  Check each month for any additional charges/fees that might have been added to your account and adjust your payment accordingly.

How to Navigate the eBilling Site
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