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Sociology Major

Sociology Minor

Anthropology Minor

Spring 2016

SOCI 111   Introduction to Sociology (SS)

MWF      9:10 am-10:05 am              Dr. Michael Rosenbaum                  Simons G10

MWF     11:30 am-12:25 pm              Dr. Michael Rosenbaum                 Simons 310

MWF      1:50 pm-2:45 pm                   Dr. Michael Rosenbaum                 Pengl 373

Enter the fascinating world of Sociology.  This course provides a great introduction to the many intriguing subjects that sociologists study.  We look at a whole range of topics-from what the self is, how it develops, how the process of socialization works... to the   major institutions in society like education, the political system, and the economy... to the major forms of inequality affecting our lives in this society-race/ethnicity, gender, and class.  You will come to understand the science by which sociologists gather and analyze data, how they know what they know.  In the process, you will begin developing your own sociological imagination.  You'll be surprised how much you've always taken for granted about society... in better understanding how our world works, you'll be better able to take an active role in your own life. 

SOCI 121 Introduction to Anthropology (SS)  (IC)

           MWF       1:50pm-2:45pm                 Dr. Ellen Block                       Simons 310

 Anthropology is very broadly defined as the study of humankind across space and time.  The course units include four-field examinations of culture, race, human evolution, family and kinship, gender and sexuality, social hierarchy, nation-states, politics and violence, progress, and development.

SOCI 322 Transnational Anthropology

              T TR  12:45 pm-2:05 pm              Dr. Jessica O'Reilly              Simons 360

Cultures and cultural groups have always been in movement, learning from people outside their cultural groups, and hybridizing ideas and ways of life. This course uses ethnographic manuscripts about Hmong, Somali, and Mexican people to study topics including ethnicity, migration, refugeeism, tourism, nomadism, political economy, and medical anthropology.

SOCI 329 Family & Society     

MWF  1:50 pm -2:45 pm                     Dr. Sheila Nelson     Simons 360

Examines the historical development of the family as a social institution, the relationship between families and social class, interpersonal relationships within families, changes in family structure, and the impact of public policy on families.

SOCI 337H Cultural Thought & Meaning 

              T TR 2:20 pm-3:40pm    Dr. Jessica O'Reilly        Simons 360

How have engagements with other cultures helped create knowledge, expand our understanding of ourselves and the world, and inspired us to think about humanity? In this class, we will learn about some of the key theoretical paradigms in cultural anthropology, from its earliest inception through contemporary, experimental anthropological thought.

SOCI 337I Global Health, Culture and Inequality

                  MWF 12:40pm-1:35 pm    Dr. Ellen Block      Simons 310

This course applies anthropological methods, theories and perspectives to the field of global health.  In particular, we will look at the inequalities that persist throughout the world's populations, with clear geographical, economic   and all-too-often ethnic and racial divides. 

SOCI 341 Urban Studies 

T TR 11:10 am-12:30pm  Dr. Sheila Nelson       Simons G10

An overview of the development of community forms and life-styles in central cities and suburbs. Disintegration and renewal. Competition and conflict over territory and services. churches, schools, diversity, pressure groups and parties. Selected policy problems. Attention is paid to cultural, structural and ecological components of urban issues.