SJU Student Senate

Saint John’s Student Senate’s mission is to represent student interests, concerns, and welfare with respect to the mission and values of Saint John’s University. The 22 Johnnies are elected from the SJU student body to three different boards: the Student Affairs Board (SAB), the Judicial Board (JB), and the Activities and Allocation Board (AAB). The senators elect the Executive Board to manage the operations of the SJU Senate and work with the University administration to enhance all aspects of student life. 


About Your Saint John's Senate

The Saint John's Senate exists: 

  1. To enact resolutions, policies, and recommendations. 
  2. To review board, committee, and Executive Council decisions. 
  3. To ascertain, evaluate, and advocate the concerns of the student body. 

As a representative body, the Senate has an obligation to justify its decisions and actions on certain normative values, including accountability, equity, and efficiency. As stewards of the Student Activity Fee, we must continually examine our individual roles as student leaders, and the ways our actions affect students, administrators, and surrounding communities. 


Our Constitution

The Senate functions distinctly; no administrator has the authority to force a course of action or to remove a senator, without exception. The Senate recognizes the University's vested interest in its financial operations. We, the undergraduate students at Saint John's University, do hereby establish the Saint John's Senate as our representative student government through this Constitution. 


Senate Meetings

Senate meetings are held on every Monday that classes are held at 7:30 p.m. in Sexton 200.  An open forum is held for students to address the Senate at every meeting, and if students wish to address the Senate formally or have a presentation, students or community members can submit an agenda item.

Submit an Agenda Item


Club Funding

Club that needs funding? Click the link and submit a request to the CSB and SJU Senates Co-Funding Board!


New Club?

Check out the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement's website about the club process with the link below.

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Parking Appeals

The SJU Senate reviews all parking appeals at SJU.

Submit a Parking Appeal

Student Emergency Fund Assistance​

Started in 2020 after the COVID-19 Pandemic, the CSB and SJU Senates set aside emergency funds to help students who face difficult circumstances.

Request Assistance

Saint Ben’s Senate​

Want to learn more about creating postiive change on CSB's campus as a student? Click the link below to learn more about CSB Senate.

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Newspaper Subscription

Unlock complimentary subscriptions to select newspapers, including The New York Times, courtesy of the CSB and SJU Senates! Click the link below to claim yours now!

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