SJU Student Senate

President Jack Cummings 

President's Message

Greetings! My name is Jack Cummings and I am the President of the Saint John’s Senate.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Saint John’s Senate, we work hard to represent our peers' interests to the SJU Trustees and Administration, as well as to maximize the benefit we receive from the student activity fee. We work diligently to find solutions to the student concerns we receive.

Here are few of things we look to accomplish this year:

We are working to express the strong student frustration with on-campus housing. We look to provide the student input into the development of new housing on campus.

We are working to review the open container policy in Flynntown.

We aim to improve the student relations and community in St. Joseph and on campus.

We are planning the Student Leadership Summit and the Senate Leadership Experience.

We look to facilitate events and forums on campus that promote the discussion of diversity and inclusion.

We are looking into the cost of textbooks and finding solutions to lower this cost.

We want to be as transparent as possible to the student body. We plan to promote transparency through frequent updates and student outreach.

 All of these ideas originated in the minds of students and were executed by the Senate. 


Most importantly, we are working for you, the students. Although we are the foot soldiers for these things — the ideas start with students. Submit an idea for campus and the Saint John's Senate will work hard with the administration to see if we can make it happen.


Go Johnnies! #RedNation

Jack Cummings ‘18

Senate President


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