SJU Life Safety Services


Saint John's Life Safety offers many services to students, employees and the monastic community.

  • Auto collision reports
  • 24-hour Campus Patrol
  • Crime Prevention Programs
  • Operation I.D.
  • Property Protection
  • Monitor Burglar alarms
  • Monitor Fire Alarms
  • Theft Risk Assessment
  • Fire Department
  • 24-hour dispatcher/911 operators
  • Code Blue Emergency Phones
  • 24-hour escort service
  • Utility Emergencies and Emergency Maintenance
  • Vehicle Jump Start Assistance
  • Severe Weather Information

We encourage feedback to evaluate the services we provide. Please contact us and share your thoughts! Email us at [email protected] or in writing to Life Safety Services, Campus Mail, Tommy Basement.

CSB Emergency/Fire:

  • 9-911 (911 from CSB Campus)
  • 320-363-5000

SJU Emergency/Fire:

  • 911
  • 320-363-2144