St. John's boasts a large number of classrooms, which depending on academic schedules are available for small group breakout sessions and meetings. (Note: during the summer conference season, classrooms are available for small meetings and breakout sessions all day.)

  • Size and capacity range from 50 people to 12 people with the majority of rooms in the medium range from 35 to 25 people.
  • Variety of configurations from tablet arm chairs to traditional tables with chairs on wheels.
  • All classrooms are smart rooms with fully integrated audio, video, and IT equipment (available for use upon request).
  • All rooms are climate controlled.


Quadrangle (Quad)

Quad Classroom with Desk Chairs                  Quad Classroom with Tables




Simons Classroom with Tabels                  Simons Classroom with Desk Chairs



Peter Engle (Pengl) / New Science Center

Pengle Classroom with Tables and Chairs                  Pengle Classroom with Tables and Chairs