Catering Policies & Procedures


Mission Statement

St. John's Dining Service and Events is committed to providing welcoming Benedictine hospitality.  We strive to provide courteous, friendly, and helpful service while creating an open and welcoming environment.


Food and Beverage on Campus

St. John’s Dining Service and Events is the exclusive supplier of all food and beverage items for consumption in public areas on campus.  Limited exceptions would need the permission of St. John’s Dining Service.


Food Safety

In compliance with health regulations, leftover food remains the property of St. John’s Dining Service and Events and cannot be provided to guests following a catered event.  No credit will be issued for leftover food or unused items.


Special Diets / Food Allergies

St. John’s Dining Service and Events is sensitive to the dietary needs of our customers.  It is important to us to create a safe environment for everyone who dines with us, especially those with allergies or special diets.  We have a registered dietitian on staff that reviews all allergy and special diet requests and we will attempt to accommodate all special dietary needs to the best of our ability.


Food Allergy Disclaimer

St. John’s Dining Service and Events makes every attempt to identify ingredients for guests with food sensitivities or special dietary needs; however, there is always a risk of cross contamination or changes to prepared products.  St. John’s cannot assume liability for adverse reactions to foods served or equipment used at events.



Fees or additional charges may apply in the following situations:

  • To cover complicated or extensive room setups.
  • When clean up following an event involves extraordinary resources.
  • For functions away from the Quadrangle or when the resources required for the event exceed the normal cost of set ups.
  • If additional staff is requested which exceed the normal scheduled.
  • When linen required is in excess of that supplied for the presentation and service of the food and beverages.
  • Dinners beginning after 7:00 p.m. will have an additional 15% of the total bill added to the cost.
  • There is no delivery charge for orders over $35 and made before 7:00pm.  If the delivery is under $35 or after 7:00pm, fees will be assessed, based on the delivery location and time of day.


Use of Student Meal Credits

Students with a meal contract are permitted to use a meal exchange when planning a special catered event.  Students may reduce the cost of their catered meal by approximately 50% if meal plan credits are used in conjunction with a dinner event.  A list of student names and meal ids must be provided 48 hours prior to the event.


Planning an Event

It is the responsibility of the individual or group hosting an event to reserve the space necessary to hold the event.  To reserve a space please fill out a Room and Event Request Form or contact the Saint John’s Events Office at [email protected] or by phone at 320-363-2240.


After the confirmation of your room, the St. John's Events staff will assist in the planning of your event.  A successful and memorable event is the result of good planning.  Please consider the following when preparing for your event:


  1. Allow yourself at least 30 days to plan for your event.  Contact the Events office to reserve space and to discuss room and meal arrangements.  Your event planner will provide you with a list of questions that will assist you in planning your function.
  2. At least 2 weeks prior to the event, place your finalized menu with the Events and Dining Service office.
  3. At least 48 hours or two working days prior to the event, confirm and guarantee your final number of guests and room arrangements.  For example, confirmation for an event on Monday is due on the previous Thursday for guaranteed attendance. (If we do not receive a confirmation, we will assume the expected number of guests originally advised to be the guaranteed attendance for the event).
  4. Please make all cancellations at least 24 hours or one working day prior to the event.  If cancellation is made on the day of the event or there is a no-show, all set-up charges and costs already incurred will be billed at your expense.
  5. An event that involves the use of alcohol must abide by all state, local, and St. John's policies regarding the purchase and consumption of alcohol.  Student groups must request an alcohol permit, create a safety plan, and get administrative approval from the Student Activities Office if you are planning on serving alcohol at your event.
  6. Please be advised that the Dining Service and Events Office reserves the right, if necessary, to make room changes to better serve the specific needs of our customers.  Considerable care will be given to insure comparable and appropriate meeting space.
  7. If only equipment is needed for an event, please contact the Events office.