Seals and Symbols

Firings of the Johanna Kiln

In addition to signature and studio logo markings, Richard Bresnahan has created seals for each Johanna Kiln firing by making use of the triangle, a symbol for stability. Seals and symbols are helpful not only to learn the date of firing, but also to accurately reference past works and to evaluate the qualities of each firing year.

These seals (left to right, top to bottom) include: the first firing in 1995; the second firing in 1997; the third firing in 1998; the fourth firing in 1999; the fifth firing in 2000; the sixth firing in 2002; the seventh firing in 2004; the eighth firing in 2005; the ninth firing in 2006; the tenth firing in 2008; the eleventh firing in 2010; the twelfth firing in 2013; the thirteenth firing in 2015; the fourteenth firing in 2017; and the fifteenth firing in 2019.