Friends of The Saint John’s Pottery

Each work of art at The Saint John’s Pottery is created as part of a dynamic interaction between the artist, the use of local and natural materials, and the firing process. A large wood-burning kiln cannot be fired by one person. It is possible thanks to a community coming together in support of an ancient process.

The Saint John’s Pottery welcomes volunteers and visitors during fall firings of the Johanna Kiln, the largest wood-burning kiln of its kind in North America. Each collaborative fall firing requires a dedicated team of over 50 individuals from around the world working in shifts to stoke and fire the kiln over a period of 10 days and nights.

Volunteers include individuals who have previously worked towards a firing, arts enthusiasts, and members of the Saint John’s community. For more information about volunteer opportunities and availability, please contact The Saint John’s Pottery or call (320) 363-2930. For updates on the studio, join the mailing list or visit the news and events page.