Pre-physical Therapy

A curriculum created specifically for you

CSB/SJU offers a pre-professional program in physical therapy. Our program is not a specific set of courses, but rather a curriculum specifically created by you and your advisor to help you achieve your goal of gaining acceptance into the graduate program of your choice.

The plan will include not only specific courses, but also volunteer experiences that will help to make you an attractive candidate to the PT programs.

Students complete prerequisite coursework outlined by the various accredited schools of physical therapy and are then eligible to apply to colleges and universities offering a degree in physical therapy.

Students may select any major; physical therapy schools do not prefer one major over another. Most CSB/SJU pre-physical therapy students major in biology, integrative science, psychology, nutrition, or Hispanic studies.

Specific information regarding prerequisite and recommended courses, minimum GPA and prerequisite GPA, Graduate Record Exam (GRE), and physical therapy observation experience requirements can be found on the individual physical therapy program webpages. Also, if you completed advanced placement (AP) courses while in high school, make sure to read the physical therapy program's policy regarding advanced placement (AP) courses.

Physical therapy programs in Minnesota

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