Pre-professional Health

In order to be a good health care professional... individual must demonstrate compassion for helping others, the ability to work both individually and with a team, the ability to analyze data, and the ability to effectively communicate with others. We encourage you to examine this Web site and get in touch with the pre-professional health advisors listed for each health care area.

Have fun, explore your passions and interests, and please be sure to check this page often for announcements.

Program News

Program Highlights
  • Student research is stressed throughout all of our natural science disciplines, and that hands-on experience will prepare you for the demands of graduate school
  • Our advisers know you. Our atmosphere of camaraderie between students and faculty, from a variety of disciplines, will help you discover your strengths and abilities
  • We believe healthcare education is about academics AND people. That's why we stress service projects as well as strenuous academic preparation in our pre-professional health programs
Contact Us

Manuel Campos
Advisor, Pre-medicine, Pre-physician Asst, Pre-occupational Therapy
New Science Center 210
(320) 363-3180

David Mitchell
Advisor, Pre-medicine, Pre-physician Asst, Pre-dentistry
New Science Center 214
(320) 363-3268

Barbara May
Advisor, Pre-veterinary Medicine, Pre-physician Asst
New Science Center 204
(320) 363-3173

Ed McIntee
Advisor, Pre-pharmacy
Ardolf Science Center 247
(320) 363-5219

Henry Jakubowski
Advisor, Pre-medicine
Ardolf Science Center 241
(320) 363-5354

Jeff Anderson
Advisor, Pre-medicine
Simmons 122
(320) 363-3047