Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

Grounded in the liberal arts tradition, the Physics Department provides students a foundation in critical thinking, evidence-based analysis, and laboratory skills. We prepare students for scientific, technical, and non-technical careers in a collegial, supportive environment as they became confident, skilled individuals with initiative.

Learning Goals

Students in physics classes will develop mathematical skill and physical intuition to understand and employ the wide range of physical theories, mathematical and computational techniques, and experimental skills which will aid them in their others classes and in their careers.

Goal 1

Students will acquire knowledge and experiences in physics which increase their understanding of how the world works.
  • Students will understand fundamental physical concepts.
  • Students will conduct experiments using appropriate tools.
  • Students will gain understanding of specialized areas of physics.

Goal 2

Students will gain skills and mindsets needed to be successful in physics and related careers.
  • Students will systematically solve complex physics problems.
  • Students will effectively communicate their findings in a variety of formats using appropriate figures and equations.
  • Students will analyze their experimental data and use appropriate methods of error analysis.
  • Student will develop their own motivation and curiosity to pursue their own scientifc interests. Students will be able to work creatively and independently.
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Jim Crumley
Chair, Physics Department
SJU PEngl 107
Physics Department