Competition Details

Arrival and Parking

Saint John’s University, the site of the CSB/SJU Engineering Design Competition, is located between St. Joseph, MN, and Avon, MN, just off Interstate Highway 94. The interstate exit for St. John’s is clearly marked and the campus is visible from the exit. Competition participants should proceed toward the Bell Banner, the most visible campus landmark, and follow the counterclockwise traffic loop at the foot of the banner. The Peter Engel Science Center, where the competition will be held, is located behind the parking lot adjacent (east side) to the traffic loop.

Buses should drop off passengers at the science center, then return in the direction of the interstate exit. Park in the Flynntown parking lot located along county road 159 (west side) as you first enter the campus.

Participants arriving by car or van may also park in the Flynntown parking lot located along county road 159 (west side) as you first enter the campus.


Advisors and participants should check in as soon as they enter the science center. Registrations will be confirmed in the Pellegrene Auditorium (on the right to the end of the hall when you come in the front doors). Check-in will begin at 9 a.m.

Teachers or advisors should register their schools and students in advance, listing students, their respective competitions and the number of meals.  The registrations can be changed the day of the competition but, we would like a fairly accurate number by April 1st so we can make preparations.

To register students or ask questions about the competition- email Lynn Schultz (Physics Dept. Lab Manager).  [email protected].

Time Schedules:


A buffet dinner is available in the St. John’s Refectory for the discounted price of $12.00 (if paid by cash at the register – $14.50 by card). Serving times are from 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. See additional information on the Refectory.

Sandwiches and lighter meals may be purchased throughout the day in Sexton Commons.

Other Activities

During the day, participants may take time, when not involved in a competition, to use some self-guided instructions, containing a map and other information, to visit some interesting campus sites.

SJU Campus Map