Curriculum and Courses

At CSB/SJU, the nutrition department offers a major and a minor in nutrition.

FOR STUDENTS DELCARING NUTRITION MAJOR STARTING FALL 2019: Within the major, students are required to take the following nutrition courses and then choose an advising track, which consists of groups of suggested courses.


  • NUTR 125 Concepts of Nutrition Science
  • NUTR 225 Experimental Food Science or NUTR 223 Introduction to Food Science
  • NUTR 323 Public Health Nutrition
  • NUTR 395 Senior Nutrition Capstone or NUTR 396 Senior Research Capstone (requires NUTR 380/381 as pre-reqs)
  • CHEM, BIO, and MATH introductory level courses are also required

Students interest in pursuing a nutrition major outside of the dietetics program can choose an advising track, which will be posted in Spring of 2019.  Examples of advising tracks that students may choose are: Pre-Health (medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy), Nutrition Health & Wellness, Public Health, Food Science, Food & Business.

Students interested in the profession of dietetics will be required to take the following courses in addition to those above:

  • NUTR 220 Weight Issues
  • NUTR 230 Food and Culture
  • NUTR 305 Leadership in Dietetics
  • NUTR 312 Nutrition Assessment
  • NUTR 320 Micronutrient Metabolism and Nutritional Supplementation
  • NUTR 330 Nutritional Biochemistry
  • NUTR 333 Medical Nutrition Therapy: Chronic Conditions
  • NUTR 337 Medical Nutrition Therapy: Acute Care
  • NUTR 341 Nutrition Education
  • NUTR 342 Interviewing and Counseling Skills
  • NUTR 343 Food Production and Procurement
  • NUTR 345 Entreprenuership and Management in Food Industry

Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a faculty member to discuss pursuing a nutrition major.

FOR STUDENTS DECLARING NUTRITION MAJOR SPRING 2019 OR PRIOR: Within the major, students have the option of selecting an area of concentration.

See Overview of Areas of Concentration