Why Study Nutrition at CSB & SJU?

  • Studying nutrition at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s will help you think critically about issues, allowing you to sift through nutrition misinformation.
  • A nutrition major is an excellent health science preprofessional major, preparing a person for dietetics, physician’s assistant training, medical school, physical therapy programs, and more.
  • We offer a flexible and diverse curriculum that addresses a variety of interests and issues. Nutrition coursework is focused on human health and wellness, food and food systems, and disease treatment and prevention.
  • Our Nutrition Department offers a major and a minor. The minor can be a great addition to a variety of other majors.

Experiential Learning

The Nutrition Department offers a major and minor in Nutrition. All Nutrition majors complete a set of required foundation courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics and nutrition. Additional course work is selected based on the student’s career goals post-graduation. The department has developed Advising Tracks as an aid to guide students into appropriate courses based on their interests and future goals. The Nutrition department offers courses in topics such as public health, food and culinary skills, metabolism and health and wellness. Because nutrition is an ever-changing field, the department is developing new courses and has research opportunities that address some of today’s biggest health questions.

At CSB and SJU, the Nutrition department offers both a major and a minor in Nutrition. The Nutrition major is a very flexible major, allowing students to choose courses that fit their future career goals, whether this be food service management, physical therapy, medicine, public health, health policy or a variety of other options. The Nutrition major can also be a first step on the path to becoming a registered dietitian. The Nutrition minor can be an excellent addition to a variety of majors.


A nutrition major prepares students for a variety of career options or graduate study.