Frequently Asked Questions

Acceptance to the nursing program is competitive. We generally have over 100 students come to CSB/SJU declaring nursing as a major and about 80-100 apply to the major. We accept 72 students each year after spring semester.

Of those not accepted, there are three possible options: 1) repeat up to two prerequisite courses and reapply the following year, 2) change majors at CSB/SJU, or 3) transfer to another college. We work closely with every student in order to find a path that is suitable to meet your career goals.

CSB and SJU offer the Direct Admission Program to qualified students who meet the eligibility criteria.

We define transfer students as those students who have completed coursework at another college and intend to graduate in less than 4 years at CSB/SJU. We accept transfer students on a space available basis only after we have accepted all qualified CSB/SJU students who have completed their first year at CSB/SJU. The nursing program cannot be completed in less than four years.

A second major or a minor is possible with good planning. A nursing faculty advisor will work with the student to develop a four year academic plan.

The minimum GPA for acceptance to the nursing major is 2.75. The Prerequisite GPA is the sole criteria for acceptance to the program. This GPA is calculated based on performance in the following five prerequisite courses: BIOL 121, BIOL 212, CHEM 125, NUTR 125, and PSYC 111 (see Course Descriptions). In recent years, the lowest prerequisite GPA accepted is higher than 2.75.

It may not be possible to take all prerequisite courses at another college. NUTR 125 must be completed through a nutrition department and is therefore difficult to find an equivalent transfer course.

View a list of courses that we have pre-approved for transfer to the nursing program.

We accept students once per year and do not keep a waiting list. Students must reapply each year for consideration of acceptance to the nursing program.

May 1 of each year is the application deadline. Application to the Nursing Major has more information on our application process.

We do not have an RN to BSN program or an accelerated program.

CNA certification is not required for acceptance to the nursing program.

The immunizations listed above are required by clinical sites. If you are considering nursing as a major and are unable to receive the required immunizations, this may prevent you from being accepted to the major.

CPR certification is required for final acceptance to the program. Students complete CPR certification during the summer following initial acceptance. Details can be found on the Application to the Nursing Major page.

Once accepted, the nursing program is six consecutive semesters starting fall of the sophomore year.

It is not typical for students to take courses online, in the summer, or part-time. In rare circumstances, this may be an option, but would need to be discussed and approved by the department chair.

Students completing the nursing program earn a Bachelor of Science degree.