Knowledge is not just what we experience, but how we interpret it.

Neuroscience is a branch of science focused specifically on the nervous system. The discipline seeks to understand how the nervous system acquires and integrates information from the environment in order to produce behavioral responses. Our neuroscience curriculum draws coursework primarily from biology and psychology, but also from various other natural science departments, philosophy and other electives.


Why Study Neuroscience at CSB and SJU?

The neuroscience minor draws heavily from disciplines such as biology, psychology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science. The minor is also valuable to students in pre-allied health programs. Exciting areas of growth in the neuroscience field also connect to philosophy, economics and peace studies.


Michael Kelly ’20

Michael Kelly ’20 spent his summer in a 12-week neuroscience internship at HealthPartners’ Neuroscience Center in St. Paul. He worked toward constructing more effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. 

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