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DigitalCommons@CSB/SJU is our web based institutional repository for digital content produced by faculty, staff, and students at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. It is a permanent archive. All materials are searchable via Google Scholar and other search engines. Materials located herein are freely accessible to the world; however, your copyright protects against unauthorized use of the content. This is a non-exclusive agreement; the author may publish all or part of this work in another forum at any time and in any format. The agreement will remain in force unless terminated by the author.

If your work includes images that are not original works by you, you must include permissions from the original content provider or the images will not be included in the electronic copy. If your work includes accompanying material that is not original work by you, the same copyright stipulations apply. If your work includes interviews, you must include a statement that you have the permission from the interviewees to make their interviews public. If your work uses human subjects and is required to have IRB approval, you confirm that you have obtained this approval. If you have questions about any of these permissions, please contact David Wuolu in the library.

I have read the above statement and agree to make my submitted work available to the CSB and SJU community and to the larger scholarly community in our permanent digital archive DigitalCommons@CSB/SJU or its successor technology. By submitting this form, I acknowledge that all work contained in this paper or other submitted work is original work by me or includes appropriate citations and/or permissions when citing or including excerpts of work(s) by others.

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