Info Lit 1

Information Literacy 1 Learning Outcome

Students access appropriate information through common search strategies. They cite sources appropriately and articulate the value of accurate citations. Their papers are free of plagiarism

Librarian Involvement in Info Lit 1 Courses

Your Librarian: A Learning and Research Team librarian is paired with each section of Learning Foundations and Learning Explorations. Instructors can always check our Research Appointments page to find out which librarian will be working with their class. Once you and your librarian are in contact, you can provide an overview of your course structure, your syllabus and assignment details as they come together, and your goals for information literacy instruction. We’re happy to consult with you and develop activities or assignments that will help you meet the Info Lit 1 learning outcome in a way that makes sense for your class and your students.

In-Class Instruction: One of Learning Foundations’ required Common Elements is “Instruction by a research librarian on information literacy,” so please let your librarian know when it might be best for them to work with your class.

Particularly in our current block hybrid environment, librarian instruction could take many different forms (regarding the number or length of sessions, session activities, session goals, etc.).

We’re looking forward to working with you individually to come up with a tailored plan for information literacy instruction.

Info Lit 1 Canvas Modules We’ve developed six Info Lit 1 Canvas modules that instructors can import into their own Canvas courses:

  1. Library Orientation
  2. Developing a Topic
  3. Understanding Source Types
  4. Searching a Database
  5. Evaluating Sources
  6. Citing Sources

To view the modules, ask your librarian to be added as a Student to our “Information Literacy and Library Research” Canvas course. Much of the same content, minus the module quizzes, is also publicly available for instructor reference and student review in our General Library Research Tutorial. To use the modules, add your librarian as a TA to your Canvas course. Then we can help you import the Info Lit 1 modules and work with you to tailor them for your specific course needs.

Please note that while incorporating the Info Lit 1 Canvas modules is not a curricular requirement. If you use the Canvas modules, they are meant to complement and support, rather than replace, in-class instruction by a librarian. We recommend the modules because they ensure all new CSB/SJU students are introduced to the same foundational concepts. As a flipped classroom approach, they also help free up librarians’ and instructors’ class time for more active learning, engagement, and application.

The following materials are from “How to Teach the Information Literacy 1 Learning Outcome” sessions we offered instructors in August 2020. They provide further information on the Info Lit 1 modules.

August 6th Session (Video)

Presentation Slides  PDF

Student Research Appointments

Students can schedule one-on-one or group research appointments (held via Zoom during the 2020-2021 academic year) with their librarian to get help finding, evaluating, and citing sources. Please send your students our way if they need help!

In The Hive, each CSB/SJU student has a Support Network providing contact information for their instructors, advisor, and other individuals invested in their academic success. Our new students’ Support Networks all include the librarian paired with their LF/LE section. This gives students an individual to reach out to for library research assistance throughout fall semester, even if their LF/LE class isn’t scheduled until C or D Block. Students can also reach out to any other librarian on our team, based on the student’s research topic, course, or major and the librarian’s areas of expertise.