Audio Productions

Audio Mixing Board

Johnnie Bennie Media creates video and audio programs for a wide range of interests and audiences. From social-awareness to entertainment, the student-produced programming includes: podcasts, interviews, video series, talkshows, short films, documentaries, and more. With recording studios located in Guild Hall, the Colman Barry Creativity Center in the Dietrich Reinhart Learning Commons, and the BAC Music Library at CSB, there are more resources than ever to fit everyone's project needs.

SoundCloud Submission Requests

Johnnie Bennie Media is able to support CSB/SJU creative and informational content through the distribution of audio projects on our SoundCloud account! Distribution is subject to review by Johnnie Bennie Media and is not guaranteed. Acceptable materials MUST be created by CSB/SJU students, staff, faculty, or affiliates. Alumna or alumni creating media for organizations such as Alumnae Relations or Becoming Community are welcome to submit a request for distribution. Those that are not part of a CSB/SJU sponsored organization are ineligible.

If you would like to submit a request for distribution, please fill out Johnnie Bennie Media's SoundCloud Submission Request form.