Hynes Scholars

Each year, CSB first year women have the opportunity to apply to become a part of Hynes Scholars, a year long cohort-based program that explores gender and leadership. This cohort engages in personal exploration and reflection, scholarship, and dialogue concerning the topics of gender and leadership, social justice, self-awareness, and self-actualization. In addition, the Hynes Scholars analyze the opportunities and challenges of being women in today's society. At the end of this experience students leave with a clear vision about how they wish to shape the world around them, and continue to grow the skills they have learned within the cohort.

Learning Outcomes

Through personal and group experiences Hynes Scholars will:

  • Explore how gender influences leadership
  • Explore and develop strategies to create positive social change
  • Explore the effects of social expectations that influence women's roles, experiences and opportunities
  • Develop an understanding of self as a leader that explore multiple dimensions of identity
Program Incentives
  • Opportunities to engage in challenging and impactful education and discussions about gender and leadership within a small community of sophomore CSB women
  • Opportunities to attend professional development experiences including conferences at a reduced rate
  • Mentorship opportunities with Hynes Scholars Alumnae
  • Connections with campus resources, staff, administration, and faculty

Contact the Hynes Scholars Coordinator at  Institute for Women's Leadership.