Information Technology Services

Our Mission

The mission of Information Technology Services is to provide innovative and reliable technology and services to enable teaching and learning for students, faculty, and staff at CSB/SJU.  

Our Strategy

We approach our mission by offerings services designed to...

Enhance Teaching & Learning

  • Learning Space Design standards provide learning spaces and online resources that support student success.
  • User-friendly Tools for Teaching & Learning provide robust and user-friendly technology tools, both hardware and software, for teaching and learning.
  • Superior Service & Support provides effective communications, fast response times, and excellent support for all. Faculty, Staff, and Students have access to Information Technology Services' Help Desk. The Help Desk is there to answer any questions and if necessary, forward that question to our professional technical staff.

Provide Robust Infrastructure

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access increasingly provides consistent access to services and data from any location with any device.
  • Cloud First informs our decisions to make use of cloud hosting flexibility when possible.
  • One network serves both CSB/SJU campuses plus the Prep School, the Abbey, and the Monastery. The 10 Gigabit network backbone allows high availability to the data and applications on the network servers.
  • Wireless access in every building on both campuses allows faculty, staff, and students to access the network through notebooks or other hand-held devices. For details, check out the Wireless Access Information

Efficient Operations

  • Partnerships on and off campus foster collaborative relationships to align priorities for campus with IT initiatives.
  • Secure Systems ensure integrity and safety of campus data assets and community members' privacy.
  • Hardware Replacement Standards minimize downtime and ensure hardware has the capability to run up-to-date applications.