As the Republic of Ireland's second largest city with with a population around 200,000, Cork nicknamed the "Rebel County" where everything is easily accessible. A leading Travel Guidebook, Lonely Planet, listed Cork as one of the Top Ten cities in the world to visit in 2010. The city is built on the river Lee, this city is full of galleries, theatre, restaurants, and shops. This program is one of 4 CSB/SJU non-faculty led semester programs. CSB/SJU students on this program direct enroll at University College Cork (UCC).

Program Highlights

  • With over 100 student sports, clubs, or societies at UCC, many of our students get involved. This is a great way for students to immerse themselves in the culture.
  • UCC offers all the services of a full comprehensive University with a great library, many computer labs, plenty of classrooms, and state of the art athletic facilities.
  • Cork is one of CSB/SJU's most independent programs where students can choose from a large selection of classes. It also offers a program schedule that allows for a break during spring semester for independent travel.


As Ireland's top research university and as the only University in Ireland to be named "Irish University of the Year " four times, UCC has much to offer. With over 20,000 students including the 3,300 international students currently studying at UCC, the University has a very rich multicultural environment. The University College Cork requires students from foreign colleges and universities to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and makes the final decision to accept each student from CSB/SJU. Students are directly enrolled at UCC for the semester.

Many students find that the academic structure at UCC is much more independent. Instructors will lecture and assign readings just as they do at CSB/SJU but it is up to the individual student how much time and work they put into the class and when they complete the work. Most of the studying is done outside the classroom so students need to be self-motivated. Evaluation is most often based on a final exam at the end of the semester or year: it is not based on class participation, attendance, quizzes and tests throughout the semester.

Exact course selections at UCC are only available a few months before the semester begins, however courses tend to be repeated from year to year. Students can consult the current Pre-Approval UCC and CSB/SJU Course List for more information about potential course offerings.

For more details on current courses, please visit the Book of Module website at UCC and remember to Select Semester 2 for Spring Semester.

Experiential Activities

There are nearly 60 clubs and just under 100 societies for students in UCC. Many of our students participate in one club or society while studying at UCC. You can choose from things like Rugby or Ultimate Frisbee to Kayaking and Mountaineering as well. Other students join academic societies like Photography, Orchestra, or Chorus. To view the options, please visit the UCC website.

There is a 3 day, 2 night overnight excursion to the Ring of Kerry that is part of the study abroad program fee. Other program excursions are organized through the Iona Society or the International Office for an additional fee.


Students live in furnished apartments 5 minutes from UCC and a 15-20 minute walk to Downtown. Students will stay in combination with other CSB or SJU students and other visiting students to UCC. Amenities in the apartments include Wireless Internet and kitchen facilities. Coin Laundry is available on-site.

Program Dates

The approximate program dates for Ireland, Cork are early January to early May.

Financial Considerations

For more information on the "Program Fees" for this program, please refer to the Ireland-Cork Program Brochure for specific information. Another great resource is the Financing your Experience brochure that includes estimates of what past participants have spent on this program. Also included in this brochure is information regarding scholarships and financial aid.

See which Scholarships you may qualify for with participating on this program. 

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