External Study Abroad

External Study Abroad Program

College of Saint Benedict (CSB) and Saint John’s University (SJU) students are occasionally interested in participating in programs that are not sponsored by the Center for Global Education (CGE). These programs are referred to as "external programs." The external process exists to facilitate participation on a program or at an institution that CSB+SJU does not have contractual relationship with.

The external study abroad program process allows you to remain enrolled at CSB+ SJU and participate in study abroad programs sponsored by other universities and program providers, as long as you get the program approved through CGE. Refer to all External Academic & Financial Procedures & Policies for more information.  

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University strongly encourages you to choose one of the CSB+SJU sponsored program options. If you still decide to choose an external study abroad option, note:

  1. Transfer Credit: Transfer credit is the only type of credit you will earn on an external program. Transfer credit does not count towards your GPA. Not all external programs or courses available abroad are eligible for transfer credit at CSB+SJU. 
  2. Independence: Pursuing an external program requires significant independence from you, as CGE and CSB+SJU is not able to assist you with your program arrangements before, during or after your participation. You will need to explore program details including visa process, housing, cultural immersion, health and safety issues and support services on your own as well as facilitate your own transfer of credit once back on campus.
  3. Financial: While participating on an external program/internship state and federal financial aid is available, however NO institutional scholarships or internal financial aid will be transferred to the other institution. No state or federal aid is available for summer programs. Students pay all fees directly to the study abroad program. An External Study Abroad fee of $500 will be charged to your student account after a semester external application is approved and submitted to the Registrar’s Office. A $50 fee will be assessed for any J-term or summer program. The fee is subject to change.


Sign into the CSBSJU-GLOBAL to search for External Programs and apply in the correct term. 


  • Spring semester - November 1*
  • Fall, Year-Long, or Summer Programs - April 1*

*Students are required to complete the appropriate process for requesting approval to study abroad with an external program, as outlined above.  In addition, you will need to apply for acceptance to your External Program by their application deadline. Visit your program's website for application procedures and deadlines. 


 All External study abroad programs need to adhere to our International Travel Policy and if your destination is at or above a level 3 advisory according to the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory system, the program will also need to apply for a Travel Exception Request.  This will be reviewed & approved by the International Travel Risk Assessment Committee (ITRAC) in order to participate on this type of program. 

What CGE does/does not do: 

The Center for Global Education (CGE) offers the external program process as a service for students who want to study abroad on an external study abroad program and retain CSB+SJU student status and still have access to state & federal financial aid and loans during their time abroad. CGE staff do not advise on the safety or quality of non-affiliated programs or the application process to any specific program.

Things to consider when choosing an External Program:

  • In order to do an external study abroad program, a CSB+SJU student must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Transcripts need to come from an accredited, degree-granting, tertiary-level institution. If they do not, you will not receive credit at CSB+SJU for your work
  • The courses you take must be similar to courses offered at CSB+SJU in order for them to transfer back to CSB+SJU for credit.
  • Programs that don't offer at least full load of academic credits (15 CSB+SJU credits) with content associated with the CSB+SJU curriculum are subject to review and may not be eligible for external study abroad.
  • Review the organization's web site to be sure that there is clear information about faculty selection, course structure, support staff, emergency procedures, orientation, and housing.
  • Contact the organization directly to request information about the application process and program fees.
  • All students participating on an external study abroad program/internship are required to get CSB+SJU International Health insurance through our office. For the semester students, this is included in the $500 External fee. For short term programs/internships, you are required to pay our office a $50 application fee.
  • You will make all payments directly to the sponsoring provider. This payment may occur before your access to financial aid.
  • It is your responsibility to receive a transcript upon completion of the program. The credit must be posted as the host institution’s course on the host institution’s transcript.

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