About Us

Nationally Ranked

  • Ranked #2 in the nation among undergraduate colleges for the number of students who participate in semester-long study abroad programs. 
  • Ranked No. 3 in the nation among undergraduate college for the total number of students who studied abroad during the 2016-17 school year. CSB and SJU have been ranked among the top six schools nationally in this category for the past 14 years.
  • CSB/SJU received the Senator Paul Simon Award in 2012 for comprehensive internationalization - one of only a few liberal arts schools to claim this distinction. The  award recognizes schools who demonstrate excellence in integrating an international and global perspective into all aspects of college life.

Study Abroad Opportunities

  • 16 semester-long study abroad programs, including our signature 11 faculty-led programs.
  • 10-15 short-term international options each year, including credit-bearing study abroad, internships and volunteer programs.
  • Learn what Bennies and Johnnies say about their experiences abroad.

Global Community

  • Each year, CSB/SJU welcomes 20-30 Semester or Year Long International Exchange students from our global partners.
  • Throughout the year, the Center for Global Education welcomes over 200 students from our global partners to our campus on a short term basis.
  • 200 courses offered throughout the year incorporate an international component.
  • A third of our professors have led a study abroad program.
  • 10 percent of CSB/SJU faculty teach international languages.

Wordly Vision

  • About 75 students hold internships abroad each year.
  • Each year about 15 recent graduates accept positions in Asia.
  • Festival of Cultures and many other campus events celebrate the diversity of student life.