About Us

The mission of Fine Arts Programming at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University is to provide a wealth of creative activities and art that make life in Central Minnesota an even richer experience.

Fine Arts Programming at CSB/SJU makes these Mission Commitments to the communities we serve:

  • We curate a series of arts events that bring the finest regional and national artists to our community.
  • We support and enhance the academic mission of CSB/SJU through our programming, resources, and personnel.
  • We create institutional visibility and recognition through active leadership in local, state, and national arts organizations.
  • We provide responsible fiscal management of resources and generate revenue through grants, sponsorships, and ticket sales.
  • We create lifelong learning initiatives to encourage participation in the arts by "students" of all ages.
  • We strengthen community resources in the arts through professional support of regional arts organizations that produce and present in our Fine Arts facilities.
  • We provide professional development opportunities for educators to promote interdisciplinary teaching through the arts.

Through the continued support of the Boards of Trustees at both CSB and SJU, Fine Arts Programming has continued to grow and expand, reaching new audiences each season, while securing regional and national attention for both institutions through the arts. Fine Arts Programming is a leader in bringing the performing arts to St. Cloud, St. Joseph, and all of Minnesota.