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NOW HIRING! SJU Sustainability Fellow

The SJU Office of Sustainability is currently hiring a 1-year Sustainability Fellow. This is a full-time (40hr/week), benefit-eligible position beginning approximately May/June 2014. The position exists to provide a job-based learning opportunity for a recent college graduate interested in a career in campus or corporate sustainability. Read the job description and apply online through CSB/SJU Human Resources. 


Overview of Program

  • Environmental studies was established as a major in 2003. Four department faculty, joined by two dozen faculty from other departments, offer students a unique and innovative curriculum.
  • Our curriculum is based on a core of interdisciplinary environmental studies courses that approach questions of sustainability in a variety of contexts including food, energy, gender, ecology, policy, and more.
  • Students can choose from a range of environmentally-oriented courses in art, communication, ecology, economics, ethics, literature, geology, history, nutrition, politics, psychology, sociology, and other fields in addition to our core environmental studies curriculum.
  • A focus on undergraduate research and experiential learning offers opportunities for summer research assistantships, internships, field experiences, and a capstone thesis project for all majors.
  • The natural settings of Saint Ben's and Saint John's, including wetlands, streams, forests, lakes and praries, offer a unique environment for students to explore, conduct research, and learn about environmental education and land stewardship.
  • Graduates of the environmental studies program can be found in a variety of places after graduation. Many graduates choose to volunteer or pursue further education, while many can be found in a number of unique career paths.
  • Saint John's Abbey installed approximately 1800 solar panels on 3.9 acres of former farmland in the fall of 2009. At the time of installation, the solar farm was the largest in Minnesota.
  • In 2005, CSB/SJU designated environmental studies as one of the first Signature Programs of the two institutions. The designation is part of a strategic planning initiative to strengthen and highlight interdisciplinary programs.

Katie Spoden ('14)

"It's okay not to know what you want to do with an environmental studies major!" See what else Katie has to say.

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