Ecosystem to Excellence

For Community and Collaborative Leadership

Honors scholars transform ideas into action. In a supportive, collaborative 60 person cohort, students are challenged to apply concepts and theories from their coursework to complex social issues through community-based research. Training in collaborative leadership provides students with the skills to apply their research in community projects for the common good.

Inquiry & Creative Work For All

Through high-quality mentorship and diverse programming, students take full advantage of the OURS Program’s opportunities to pursue unique, hands-on learning through research and creative work from the first-year through graduation.

Leading by Example

Our students demonstrate their leadership through learning and exploration of our numerous co-curricular opportunities. Many of these opportunities present themselves as fellowship and internship opportunities on and off-campus.

Above and Beyond

As they progress through their career at CSB/SJU, students are connected to prestigious, merit-based opportunities that align with their experience, goals and future direction leading to increased self-awareness and holistic professional development. We prepare competitive applicants for national and international awards including Rhodes, Fulbright, Goldwater, Truman and more.

Institutional Learning Goals

Think Deeply. Embrace Difference. Engage Globally. Serve Graciously. Live Courageously. While at CSB/SJU, our students work toward achieving these institutional goals in distinctive ways, preparing them for success after graduation.