Double Majors

Liberally educated economics majors

The Department of Economics at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University is committed to the model of a liberal arts education. We want and encourage our students’ to pursue academic interests outside of economics as well. Our major provides significant depth and breadth in economics, but we believe that a liberally educated student should also be exposed to and gain experience in different methods of inquiry, knowledge, and analysis. By doing so, our students leave CSB/SJU not just educated in one narrow discipline but able to draw on a broad set of tools for critical thinking in an ever changing world as they seek to confront the many difficult problems and challenges they face in their lives after college.

Recent examples of other majors and minors pursued by our students include the following. A student can certainly pursue other major and minor combinations, but most importantly, we encourage students to study those areas both inside and outside the major that intrigue them and cause them to think and reflect.

Additional Majors Pursued by Recent Students:
Additional Minors Pursued by Recent Students:
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Parker Wheatley
Chair, Economics Department

Ashley Koshiol
Department Coordinator