CSB Student Senate

The Saint Ben’s Senate (SBS) is the voice of the students of the College of Saint Benedict. The purpose of the SBS is to express views and suggestions to staff, faculty and administrators, to provide students with the best academic, social and cultural experience, to promote students’ rights, and to aid the College of Saint Benedict in operating more effectively in the interest of students.

Student Senate Call to Action

We envision two campuses where racial bias, discrimination and oppression do not exist. With active recognition and awareness of the issues that do arise on our campuses, continued discussion and action with important stakeholders in our institutions, and continual promotion of anti-racist education and ideals, we believe that CSB/SJU can become a bastion for anti-racist ideologies and practices.

This summer, the Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s Student Senates hosted two Zoom events to listen to the experiences of Black and marginalized students, identify specific issues in our campus communities and generate solutions.

The result of these conversations was the creation of a Call to Action for our community.  We are resolved to fight for Black and marginalized students, to ensure that their voices are heard and to guarantee that change is set in motion. We invite all students to consider where they can get involved and be part of creating an anti-racist community.

Call to Action