East Apartments

Discover the exceptional living at The East Apartments, featuring Luetmer, McDonald, Wirth, and Zierden. Enjoy convenient amenities such as a computer lab on the second floor of Luetmer and laundry facilities in McDonald and every apartment in Luetmer. Choose from spacious two-person, four-person, and six-person apartments, all carpeted and equipped with a full kitchen and bathroom for a comfortable living experience. Our floor plans offer a general idea of the apartment layouts, though each may vary slightly due to unique building structures. With its vibrant community and top-tier amenities, The East Apartments provide an ideal setting to enhance your college journey.

Quick Facts:

Luetmer Two-Person

Luetmer Four-Person

McDonald Three-Person

Zierden, McDonald and Wirth Four-Person

*All dimensions are approximate as rooms vary slightly throughout halls and some rooms are odd shaped. Dimensions include closets and built ins.

 2-Person  Apt.4-Person  Apt.
 Desk Chair 4
Living Room Furniture YES  YES

Where bed lofts are indicated, they may be rented through a CSB certified vendor, Collegiate Marketing. Rates and specific information may be obtained by visiting www.bedloft.com or calling them at 1-866-651-LOFT. No other lofts may be used in any room.

Room Amenities:

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