Audio/Visual Equipment

We will be happy to assist you with your audio-visual requirements. Rental charges will be based on the current equipment pricing guide.

Bar Service

CSB Events and Catering offers a variety of wine, spirits and beer to suit your event. Bar service is available as a cash or host option. CSB reserves the right to close bar service at any time and verify age of guest requesting to purchase alcohol.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy will be included on each individual agreement provided to the Licensee.

Certificate of Insurance

Groups may be asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance per the agreement with CSB Events and Catering of College of Saint Benedict. See agreement for specific’s on Certificate of Insurance needs.


It is necessary for guests and groups to communicate their plan to affix any items to the walls, floors or ceilings of the rented space before the event. Please refrain from using such items as confetti and glitter; additional charges will apply to clean up these materials. All decorations including candles must be approved. Any damage incurred during the event will be the responsibility of the person, company or organization named on the agreement.

Estimates and Guarantees

Food and beverage estimated counts are due to the Events and Catering Department 16 days prior to the event. In order to best meet the needs of your guests, final meal count guarantees are due at noon 5 business days prior to all functions. In the event Events and Catering has not been notified by noon 5 business days prior to your event, the number of expected guests listed on the agreement will become the guarantee number. Your invoice will be charged accordingly.

Food and Beverage Service

CSB Events and Catering offers a diverse menu, easily tailored to fit your function needs. We require that all food and beverage items needed during your event be purchased through CSB Events and Catering. To comply with safe food handling codes, our policy states that banquet food and beverage may not leave the premises after a catered function.

Function Rooms

To confirm function/event space, it is necessary to have a signed agreement on file with CSB Events and Catering department of College of Saint Benedict prior to the event.  CSB Events and Catering reserve the right to release function space which has not been confirmed in writing. CSB Events and Catering also reserves the right to substitute alternative space if it deems necessary or if the guaranteed number of guests deviates from the number originally indicated on the contract. 


CSB Events and Catering reserves the right to inspect and regulate all private meetings, banquets, and receptions in accordance with College of Saint Benedict policy and established laws. Loss or damage to a group’s displays, decorations or other property brought on-site will be the sole responsibility of the Licensee. CSB Events and Catering is not liable for loss, damage or theft. The Licensee is responsible for the conduct of all guests in attendance and for any damages incurred upon the campus or its guests by individuals associated with the group’s organization. Either party may terminate or suspend its obligations if such obligations are delayed, prevented, or rendered impractical as a result of extreme weather, acts of God, riot, insurgency, governmental actions or regulation which becomes effective after the date of the contract, provided and to the extent such occurrence is beyond the reasonable control of either party. In the cases of inclement or threatening weather conditions, the College may decide to close to protect the safety of employees, students, and visitors. This will affect all events scheduled on the campus for that day or the announced period of closing. The College will work with the Licensee to change and/or reschedule the event. In the event of a cancellation or a postponement due to inclement weather, the College shall not assume any responsibility for any liability or costs incurred by the Licensee. In no event shall CSB Events and Catering or College of Saint Benedict be liable for consequential damages for any reason what-so-ever. Security may be required for a group whose size, program or nature indicates such need. Security service will be coordinated by CSB Events and Catering with an additional charge to the Licensee.


Overnight accommodations are available mid-May through the end of July.


New accounts may establish direct billing privileges with the College of Saint Benedict Business Office four weeks prior to the function date. Should direct billing arrangements be made in advance, payment will be required within 15 days of the invoice date. If direct billing is not arranged, College of Saint Benedict requests that you follow the payment requirements listed in your agreement.

Rental Charges and Facility Fees

Rental charges and facility fees will vary according to your group size or program; such charges will be determined at the time of the agreement between CSB Events and Catering of College of Saint Benedict and the Licensee

Taxes and Service Charges

Applicable taxes will be charged on taxable items such as food and beverage purchases, equipment rental, media equipment, housing charges and sports facilities. Sales of meals and housing to nonprofit organizations and government units and their employees are taxable. Sales to the federal government are exempt only when billing the federal agency directly for meals and housing. If you are requesting tax exemption for your event, please submit a tax exempt certificate prior to the scheduled function.

All catered functions are subject to a 15% service charge. Groups using the Gorecki Dining Center “cafeteria style” dining for their meal function are subject to a 10% service charge.

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