Studio One Table of Contents continued

Fall 1978

Editors: Colette LaFond & Pam Meyer

“September 1, 1976″ by Sigrid Bergie, p. 6
“Opa” by Sigrid Bergie, p. 7
“Where the Sun Stares Like a Dim Bulb” by Sigrid Bergie, p. 8
“A Prayerful Scream” by Delbert Brobst, p. 10
“Deer Crossing” by Mark Vinz, p. 14
“The Artist” by Marcia Jagondzinski, p. 17
“Last Saturday Night” by Jane Anne McCauley, p. 18
“All This Dark Age Machinery” by Jane Anne McCauley
“The Return: The Song of not Moving” by William Meissner, p. 21
“The Last Story if the Sightless Man’s Hands” by William Meissner, p. 22
“Minneapolis Sonnet #65″ by James Naiden, p. 26
“First Child / Premature Birth” by George Roberts, p. 28-31
“Snow Shoeing about Midnight” by Stephen Larson, p. 33
Untitled by Mary C. Dunford, p. 35
“Genevieve” by Mary C. Dunford, p. 36
“Family – Summer – Circus” by Judith Healey, p. 40
“Gifts” by Galen Martini, p. 42
“What She Sews” by James Hiner, p. 44
“Knowing You” by David Evertz, p. 48
“Swordplay” by Carol Leismaki, p. 50
“Family Aceraceae” by J. L. Kubicek, p. 52
“Passing Farmer” by J. L. Kubicek, p. 53
“Cosmic Call” by J. L. Kubicek, p. 54
“Shampoo” by Karen Herseth Wee, p. 56
“Approaching Winter” by David Pink, p. 60
“Ars Poetica” by Philip Dacey, pp. 62-64

Visual Arts
“Seaweed II” by Gordon Goetemann, p. 12
“Harlequin and Columbine” by Mary Pauly, p. 25
“Piano Man” by Chris Kosir, p. 38
“His Eye is on the Sparrow” by Joseph O’Connell, p. 46
Untitled by Kris Kuller, p. 58

Spring 1978

Editors: Holly Dierkhising & Paul Weber

“Three translations from an Old Farmer’s Photograph” by William Meissner, p. 6
“On the Road” by Sigrid Bergie, p. 8
“Home Movie” by Sigrid Bergie, p. 9
“Old Women Buying Candy at the Department Store” by Sirgrid Bergie, p. 10
“Winter Diptych”by James Naiden, p. 14, 15
“Breath” by David Feela, p. 17
“Father’s Legacy” by Delbert Brobst, p. 21
“Our Prodigal” by Delbert Brobst, p. 22
“Ode to My Pencil” by Clare Rossini, p. 27
“You, Head” by Clare Rossini, p. 28
“Circus Night Cub Scout” by William Elliot, p. 30
“A White Place” by Monica Ochtrup, p. 34
“Anonymous Misbehavior” by Stephen Larson, p. 36
“My Father’s Lover” by Michael Hall, p. 40, 41
“Gray” by David Evertz, p. 45
“Fat Man” by Mark Evertz, p. 47
“Stormy Wyoming Skies” by Pat Yentzer, p. 49
“5:30 a.m. Rain” by George Roberts, p. 51
“Family Album” by George Roberts” pp. 52-55

Visual Arts
“Landscape” by Alan Reed
“Winter Lakeshore” by David Korte, p. 19
Untitled by Paul Weber, p. 24
Untitled by Paul Weber, p. 25
“Lenore” by Louise LeFond, p. 33
“The Denial of Peter” by Joseph O’Connell, p. 38
“Idea Takes Over” by Kristen Lundgren, p. 43

Fall 1977

Editors: Mary Hark & Sheila Hart

“Sand Thoughts” by Shirley Whiting, p. 6
“The Dream of a Dream” by George Roberts, p. 8
“Three Views of It” by George Roberts, p. 9
“Pockets” by Marcia Jagondzinske
“Giftgiver” by David Evertz, p. 16
“Knowing These Things” by David Evertz p. 17
“Short Poem about Speech, p. by James Naiden, p. 21
“Cathodes and Disjunctives” by James Naiden, p. 22
“Garage” by William Elliot, p. 27
“Not Dead But Sleeping” by Micheal Dennis Browne, p. 32
“The Muse is Not Coming” by Sigrid Bergie, p. 34
“Coins of Light, by Thomas Dillon Redshaw, p. 36
“Fervor” by Sheri Beedle, p. 43
“To Tennessee’s Blanche” by Stephanie Borden, p. 47
“A Season for Smead” by Brian Longley, p. 49
“Gardener” by Clare Rossini, p. 51
“The Widow Woman Who Hears The Bats” by William Meissner, p. 55
“Drifting, Like a Circle” by William Meissner, p. 56

Visual Arts
“Lazarus Greeting His Old Friends” by Joseph O’Connell, p. 11
“And That Day Herod and Pilate were Made Friends Together” by Joseph O’Connell, p. 12
“Graphite” by Marguerritte Brunner, p. 19
“Photographs” by Paul Weber, p. 24, 25
“Skip and go Naked” by Margret Swanson, p. 29
“Awakened from Dark Roots” by Margret Swanson, p. 30
“Dusk in the Village” by Bill Haas, p. 36
“Switch Station” by James Hendershot, p. 40
“Near Allentown, by James Hendershot, p. 41
“Photograph” by Michael Hiltner, p. 45
“Graphite” by Louise LaFond, p. 53

Spring 1977

Editors: Don Donahugh & Adelaide Trettel

“The Novelty, In Dying” by David J. Feela, pp. 9-14

“Evening in a Small Town, by William Meissner, p. 5
“Pressing Metal in Light Rain” by James Naiden, p. 6
“Sharing My MOther’s Eyes” by Linda Burggraff, p. 7
“Portrait” by Bill Haas, p. 16
“A Rabbit in the Park” by Sigrid Bergie, p. 17
“And in the Meantime, A World was Lost” by Linda Burggraff, p. 19
“The Metal Clam” by Michael Hall, p. 21
Untitled by Pat Malmgren, p. 22
“From Body Parts” by David Evertz, p. 23
“Old Man” by David J. Feela, p. 24
“Growing Season” by Mark Vinz, p. 26
“Blue Sweater” by David Evertz, p. 27
“I heard it Thru a Dusty Vent” by Michael Hall, p. 28
“Amelia Sound Asleep” by Fredrick Manfred, p. 30
“A Boy on My Back” by Delbert Brobst, p. 31
“Girl from Wednesday Snow” by George Roberts, p. 33
“Speaking to a New Friend at an Old Bar at 20 Below” by David Evertz, p. 34
Untitled by Pat Malmgren, p. 36
“Watermelon Reproaches” by Bill Haas, p. 37
“Prospecting” by William Meissner, p. 39
Untitled by Stephen G. Seefeldt, p. 40
“Minneapolis Sonnet #8″ by James Naiden, p. 41
“Dustings” by Delbert Brobst, p. 43
“The Man Who Touches a Girl’s Hair” by Stephen G. Seefeldt, p. 44
Untitled by Stephanie Marchand, p. 46
“The Madman’s Escape during the Drive to the National Forest, by William Meissner, p. 47, 48
“Still Life with Thermometer” by Mark Vinz, p. 50
“He’s Taken Lover” by Marcia Jagondzinski, p. 51
“HER” by David Evertz, p. 53
“Incantations” by Elizabeth Moore, p. 54
“Minneapolis Sonnet #5″ by James Naiden, p. 55
“The Mind Changer” by Robert G. Johnson, p. 57
“Psalm in Praise of Awakening” by Clare Rossini, pp. 58-62

Visual Arts
“Carousel” by James Hendershot, p. 8
Untitled by Bill Korte, p. 15
Untitled by John Kreuzer, p. 18
“Tree Study #1″ by Carol Burchell, p. 20
Untitled by Kathryn Borowski, p. 25
Untitled by Lynn Kurkowski, p. 29
Untitled by Thomas Adkins, p. 32
“A Tribute” by Kathryn Borowske, p. 35
Untitled by David G. Dzuik, p. 38
Untitled by Paul Pearson, p. 42
Untitled by Marguerite Brunner, p. 45
“Reclining Nude” by Bill Haas, p. 49
Untitled by Kathryn Borowske, p. 52
Untitled by David Korte, p. 56
“Psalm in Praise of Awakening” by Joseph Byrne, pp. 58-62

Winter 1976

Editor: Clare Rossini

“Glimpse” by Michael G. White, p. 5
“We are Still” by David J. Feela, p. 6
“Poem” by David Evertz, p. 7
“Success Story” by Mark Vinz, p. 10
“Symbols of Heat” by James Naiden, p. 11
“Last Dance” by Bruce Sperberg, p. 14
“Arrival” by Jonathan Sisson, p. 15
“It Floats up to me In Sleep” by George Roberts, p. 17
“The Mound” by Pat Malmgren, p. 20
“Insomniac” by Mark Vinz, p. 21
“Breathing Too Close” by Galen Martini
Untitled by Stephen H. Seefeldt, p. 24
“A Mover of Things” by Robert G. Johnson
“The GUTS and FROGHAIR NIGHTLY” by John J. Peterson, p. 28
“Recollection” by Margie Goodrow
“Poem” by George Roberts, p. 32
“The Woman Who Ate Light” by William Meissner, p. 34
“Clothes” by Caroline Marshall, p. 35
“New York City: 7A” by Bruce Sperberg, p. 38
“Shadow Box” by Thomas Dillion Redshaw, p. 39
“Scar” by David Evertz, p. 40
“Return” by David J. Feela, p. 42
Untitled by Pat Malmgren, p. 43
“Left-Handed Audition” by Tom Backen, p. 46, 47
“A Song of Absences” by Mark Vinz, p. 50
“Some City Squirrels” by Lon Otto, p. 51
“This is the Night that will not Let Us Sleep” by George Roberts, p. 53
“Sharon at the Old North Church” by William Elliot, p. 54

Visual Arts
“Old Mirror” by Bela Petheo, p. 8
“Storm Explosion Threat” by Cheryl Zub, p. 13
Untitled by Jerry Ruff, p. 16
“At the Window” by Sarah Knoepfler, p. 19
Untitled by Marguerite Brunner, p. 22
“Interstellar Survey Catalog # 8300747, Planet Earth – Most Peaceful Populace” by Bill Haas, p. 27
“Light” by Lorraine VanPatten, p. 30
Untitled by David Korte, p. 33
“St. Gibbs” by Marguerite Brunner, p. 36
Untitled by Adeline Trettle, p. 41
“Temperaments of Brian” by Cheryl Zub, p. 44
“Warm Summer Day” by James Hendershot, p. 49
Untitled by Mary Bergen, p. 52

Spring 1976

Editor: Clare Rossini

“Poetry” by James Naiden, p. 6
“Asphixiations/33″ by James Naiden, p. 7
“Asphixiations/23″ by James Naiden, p. 8
“My Father’s Music” by Micheal Dennis Browne, p. 10
“The Sea Grew Stale” by Terry Clare Charles, p. 14
“Requiem” by Mark Vinz, p. 16
“Confession” by Mark Vinz, p. 17
“The Candidate” by T.A. Hansen, p. 22
“The Heart’s Slow Race” by Galen Martini, p. 24
“Dialog with Logic” by Galen Martini, p. 25
“Hermit” by Michael Hall, p. 29
“Old Man Spearing Camp” by Michael Hall, p. 29, 30
“Song of Loss” by Caroline Marshall, p. 33
“April” by Caroline Marshall, p. 34
“Vigil” by David Feela, p. 38
“Frisian Love” by Fredrick F. Manfred, p. 42, 43
“Messages from a Found Bottle” by William Meissner, p. 49
“Wintering in America” by William Meissner, p. 50, 51
“Farming Under the Glacier” by Dale S. Olsen, p. 55
“’Twas a Bloody Good Game” by Pat Malmgren, p. 59
“Gregory” by Stanley Kiesel, p. 61
“Doris” by Staney Kiesel, p. 62
“The Road from Durango” by William Elliot, p. 63
“Cross Country Skiing:Eight Below During the Flu Season” by William Elliot,p.64
“Lesson #1″ by George Roberts, p. 68
“Lesson #2″ by George Roberts, p. 69
“Mpls Love Poem” by George Roberts, p. 70
“Woodclinched” by Delbert Brobst, p. 72
“Voices in the Field” by Thomas Dillon Redshaw, p. 78, 79
“Winter Camp at Berkley” by Gerald Vizenor, p. 80

Visual Arts
“Rose” by Louise LaFond, p. 13
“Dining Car” by James L. Hendershot, p. 19
“Extra Fare Santa Fe de-Luxe” by James L. Hendershot, p. 20
Untitled by John Kreuzer, p. 27
“Big Foot at Wounded Knee” by William Ellingson, p. 31
“Brother and Sister” by Cheryl Zub, p. 36
“Girl with a Ribbon” by George Byron, p. 40
Untitled by Joseph Toothacker, p. 48
“One Cow” by Romuald Laverdiere, p. 53
Untitled by Tim Browne, p. 57
“Joseph Joachim: The Heart of a Man” by Joseph Byrne, p. 66
Untitled by Fred Petters, p. 74, 75, 76