Table of Contents of Quarry

1965 Spring, vol. 39, no. 2

 “The New Yorker” by Mary Garrity, page 61 “The Tree House” by Carol Landkamer, page 62 “Make it Quick” by Joanne Meyer, page 63
“Party Line” by Mary Weisgram, page 63
“Aspiration” by Jeanette Blonigen, page 64
“Anna Lee” by Mary Igers, page 65
“After the Red Balloon” by Joan Eberhard, Mary Breiter, Mary Garrity, Joanne Meyer, Judith Wagner, Joyce Miller, Sheila Hogan, Nancy Herriges, and Marian Zeiner, page 69
“Going Fast” by Marian Zeiner, page 73
“Rain” by Mary Weisgram, page 74
“Across the Threshold” by Joanne Meyer, page 75
“Us” by Rita Greene, page 76
“Mud-Time” by Susan Holzemer, Sheila Hogan, and Joan Eberhard, page 78
“Over the Hill” by Mary Weisgram, page 81
“Lesson” by Sheila Hogan, page 85
“There Are Smiles” by Judith Wagner, page 86
“Smoke” by Rosemary Maiers, page 87
“Once Again Spring” by Judith Pollock, page 89
“Listen—It’s Spring” by Mary Weisgram, Mary Breiter, and Judith Wagner, page 91
“Daisy Chain” by Sister Celestine, OSB, page 92
“The Letter is Killing” by Nancy Herriges, page 93
“The Sovereign” by Judith Wagner, page 95
“English 11 D” by Mary Breiter, page 96
“Sunset” by Marian Zeiner, page 99
“Conflagration” by Phyllis Fox, page 101
“Nots” by Mary Flynn, page 102
“Oil on Water” by Mary Weisgram, page 105
“April Love” by Joanne Meyer, page 105
“Three Poems” by Sheila Hogan, page 106
“Book Review: The Spy Who Came in From the Cold” by Rosemary Maiers, page 108
“Book Review: In the Rustling Grass” by Mary Weisgram, page 109
“Book Review: Markings” by Joyce Miller, page 109
“Book Review: The Voice of the Master” by Mollie Mulheran, page 110
“Book Review: The John Ciardi Series” by Gretchen Deutz, page 111

1966 Winter, vol. 40, no. 1

“Go Tell It” by Sheila Hogan, page 5
“Time to Live” by Virginia Waldoch, page 6
“The Fool” by Mary Sullivan, page 9
“Op is Up” by Eleanor Betting, page 10
“Fell Fall” by Joan Eberhard, page 15
“Poets’ Calendar” by Priscilla Wood, Judith Leger, Mary Garrity, Mary Breiter, Kathleen Schmidt, and Sharon Schlosser, page 17
“The Emerging Priest” by Joan Eberhard, page 21
“Rathfarnham Hill” by Sheila Hogan, page 22
“Shadows” by Mary Ellen Bilek, page 23
“Oh Brother!” by Kristine Schwartz, page 25
“Best Friends” by Bernadette Heinen, page 25
“Dear One” by Mary Weisgram, page 27
“Tomorrow” by Kathleen Schmidt, page 27
“The Lady Doth Protest” by Mary Hughes, page 28
“Lecture” by Mary Garrity, page 29
“Epiphanies” by Stella Krupski, page 31
“Expectation” by Joan Eberhard, page 32
“Wind-Songs” by Eleanor Betting, page 33
“Come In” by Kathleen Schmidt, page 34
“Rest in Peace” by Mary Garrity, page 36
“Rain Songs” by Mary Breiter, page 37
“Echoes: Barnaby Button” by Lynette Patterson, page 41
“Echoes: Penelope Schaffer” by Eleanor Betting, page 41
“Conversation at Noon” by Joanne Meyer, page 42
“Make Mine Orange” by Joan Eberhard, page 43
“Daybreak” by Marian Zeiner, page 46
“Evening” by Priscilla Wood, page 46
“European Sketches” by Judith Wagner, page 48
“Saturday Special” by Sister Dorothy Doerner, OSB, page 50
“The Hairdresser” by Mary Weisgram, page 51
“Proverbs, Modern Style” by Joanne Meyer, page 52
“Book Review: Listen with the Eye” by Carol Lang, page 53
“Book Review: Plays by Shakespeare” by Nancy Herriges, page 53
“Book Review: That Man is You” by Joan Eberhard, page 54
“Book Review: Kennedy” by Margaret Roushar, page 55

1966 Spring, vol. 40, no. 2

“It Happens All the Time” by Eileen Sullivan, page 61
“Don’t Crowd” by Sister Marla Collison, page 62
“Almost Home” by Coreen Faulkner, page 64
“A Word With You” by Joan Eberhard, page 65
“Over Coffee” by Eileen Sullivan, page 66
“White Quiet” by Sister Marmion O’Meara, page 68
“Short Cut” by Sheila Hogan, page 71
“He Will Survive, Endure, and Prevail” by Margaret Roushar, page 72
“Last Night” by Joanne Meyer, page 75
“Shod” by Mary Braun, page 77
“Europe Changes People” by Karen Welle, page 78
“Midnight Peace” by Rosemary Maiers, 80
“Sun-Golden Days” by Jodeen Dirkers, page 83
“Southern Hospitality: Rear View” by Odilia Lyimo, page 88
“Harbinger” by Joan Eberhard, page 89
“Oldtown” by Sheila Hogan, page 90
“Wind-Free” by Kathleen Schmidt, page 93
“Stormy Weather” by Joanne Meyer, Sheila Hogan, and Mary Garrity, page 94
“The House Across the Street” by Sheila Hogan, page 98
“Kowalski’s Downfall” by Mary Flynn, page 100
“Bright” by Sister Marmion O’Meara, OSB, page 102
“Love” by Sheila Hogan, page 103
“You: Enigma” by Sheila Hogan, page 104
“Lonely Girl” by Judith C. Leger, page 106
“Love Makes the Air Light” by Sheila Hogan, page 107
“At War as Children” by Linda Miller, page 108
“A Coffin for King Charles” by Constance Sowada, page 109
“The Meaning of Success” by Sister Helena Anderson, OSB, page 110

1967 Winter, vol. 41, no. 1

“Harmony” by Susan Lacey, page 5
“Going Home” by Virginia Waldoch, page 6
“Time” by Eleanor Betting, page 8
“Anniversary” by Linda Miller, page 9
“Understanding” by Mary Flynn, page 11
“Friend” by Mary Flynn, page 12
“Gina” by Joan Eberhard, page 14
“Days of My Youth,” poems by Gloria Zellweger, page 16
“Black and White Together” by Priscilla Wood, page 21
“Dependent Relationships: Three Plays by Samuel Beckett” by Carol Fettes, page 25
“Abandoned” by Mary Sue Schulte, page 29
“A Thousand Times—OSB” by Coreen Faulkner, page 30
“Seventh Street” by Mary Braun, page 32
“Loneliness” by Kathleen Kraker, page 33
“Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio” by Linda Miller, page 35
“Exerstairs” by Priscilla Wood, page 37
“Haiku” by Joan Eberhard, Carol Lang, and Priscilla Wood, page 39
“Crazy Patterns” by Eileen Stommes, page 44
“Echoes” by Susan Kessler, Sharon Schlosser, Sharon Zehnder, and Anne Hogan, page 40
“Winter” by Eileen Sullivan, page 47
“Grandma” by Sister Helena Anderson, OSB, page 48
“Ordered World” by Priscilla Wood, page 50
“The Local Bar” by Stella Krupski, page 52
“Book Review: No More Strangers” by Marcia Halligan, page 53
“Book Review: New Negro Poets: USA” by Joan Eberhard, page 54
“Book Review: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” by Linda Miller, page 55

1967 Spring, vol. 41, no. 2

“Bowing in Sunlight” by Linda Miller, page 61
“Bus Stop” by Sandra Kadrmas, page 62
“As I Grew Up” by Priscilla Wood, page 65
“Last Night” by Carol Knese, page 67
“Love’s Choice” by Gloria Zellweger, page 68
“Frolic” by Joanne Koralesky, page 69
“Meditation” by Sandra Kadrmas, page 69
“Solstice” by Linda Miller, page 72
“April” by Eleanor Betting, page 73
“Prufrock Springs from the Wasteland” by Greg Bauleke, page 75
“Discovery” by Coreen Faulkner, page 77
“Some Party” by Linda Miller, page 79
“Frustration” by Priscilla Wood, page 81
“Poems by Joan” by Joan Eberhard, page 83
“Tag-A-Long” by Sandra Kadrmas, page 90
“Grandpa” by Sandra Kadrmas, page 95
“Anger” by Priscilla Wood, page 97
“Love Poem #1” by Gloria Zellweger, page 98
“Haiku” by Lee Ann Derrick, Joan Eberhard, Linda Miller, Eileen Sullivan, Priscilla Wood, and Gloria Zellweger, page 100
“Dialogue in The American Dream” by Christopher Burke, page 104
“Antithesis” by Priscilla Wood, page 106
“Book Review: The Family of Man” by Sister Jona Ardolf, OSB, page 107
“Book Review: Lark” by Virginia Waldoch, page 108
“Book Review: The Physicists” by Gloria Zellweger, page 109
“Book Review: A Wrinkle in Time” by Linda Miller, page 110
“Night-Life” by Sister Padraic Brennan, OSB, page 111

1968 Winter, vol. 42, no. 1

“To Joan” by Sister Padraic Brennan, OSB, page 5
“Poem” by Joan Eberhard, page 5
“Madison, Wisconsin” by Eileen McCormack, page 6
“On the Sound of a B70” by Joseph Buckley, page 8
“A Poem on November” by Mary Sue Schulte, page 11
“The Narrator in The Great Gatsby” by Michael F. Bernauer, page 12
“A Dark Man” by Joanne Koralesky, page 15
“Ebb” by Linda Miller, page 16
“Heritage” by Melanie Hitz, page 16
“In Touch with A Lot of People” by Linda Miller, page 18
“Watch Hill” by Mary Zaremba, page 20
“In Business” by Mark Torborg, page 23
“Burst Quietly” by Renee Sickman, page 26
“Early David in Late January” by Eileen McCormack, page 27
“Table-Talk” by Mary Sue Schulte, page 37
“Wait in Welcome” by Linda Miller, page 38
“Two by Marcia” by Marcia Halligan, page 39
“Sacrament Most” by Eileen McCormack, page 40
“Agape” by Sister Padraic Brennan, OSB, page 40
“Have We Left The Dolls House?” by Joan Eberhard, page 41
“Poem” by Mark Torborg, page 45
“Revolt” by Sister Padraic Brennan, OSB, page 47
“In the Aftermath” by Mary Sue Schulte, page 48
“On a Slumbery Autumn Night” by Carol Knese, page 48
“Oh Your Smile” by Mary Sue Schulte, page 51
“Snow Poems” by Eileen McCormack, Melanie Hitz, Mark Torborg, and Joseph Buckley, page 52
“Book Review: A Way of Seeing” by Melanie Hitz, page 53
“Book Review: Many Are Called” by Melanie Hitz, page 53
“Book Review: The Fixer” by Mary Zaremba, page 54
“Haiku” by Sister Padraic Brennan, OSB, page 67

1968 Spring, vol. 42, no. 2

“Wisconsin Weekend” by Bonnie Pechtel and Thomas O’Connell, page 61
“Beer Bu(r)st” by Sandra Kadrmas, page 66
“No Place Like It” by Mary Zaremba, page 72
“Cinquain” by Sister Padraic Brennan, OSB, page 73
“Revelations” by Eileen McCormack, page 75
“Pitty Pat the Third” by Renee Sickmann, page 77
“Life-Song” by Linda Miller, page 81
“Man as Comic Sufferer” by Bonnie Pechtel, page 83
“Consequential” by Sister Padraic Brennan, OSB, page 85
“Invitation” by Melanie Hitz, page 86
“The Year’s O” by Linda Miller, page 89
“Something To Hold On To” by Melanie Hitz, page 93
“Perspective” by Lee Ann Derrick, page 94
“Confession” by Renee Sickmann, page 95
“Future Imperfect” by Eileen McCormack, page 99
“Bath” by Renee Sickmann, page 100
“Masked Ball” by Linda Miller, page 103
“Exit” by Renee Sickmann, page 104
“Salute to Spring” by Sister Padraic Brennan, OSB, page 106
“Book Review: Childhood’s End” by Patricia Radloff, page 108
“Book Review: This Strangest Everything” by Virginia Schaefer, page 109
“Book Review: The New Radicals” by Bonnie Pechtel, page 110
“Thoughts” by Carol Knese, page 111