Table of Contents of Diotima

Diotima – Volume 25, 1999

#1, Fall 1999:

     "The Konger or Las Vegas has it easy," by Matthew Peckosh, pp. 20-24.
     "Dialogue," by Niki Anderson, pp. 26-27.
     "A Day's Worth of Haiku," by Nicholas J. Davis, p. 2.
     "Dust," by Andy Schmidt, p. 3.
     "Aggiornamento," by John Saunders, p. 4.
     "Absorb me," by Katie Neunsinger, p. 5.
     "Beneficial Insect," by Diego Vasques, p. 6.
     "Sister Tell Me – polyneices addresses antigone from hephaistos's altar," by S. R. Redmen, p. 8.
     "It Feels Good," by John Murphy, p. 9.
     "The Tyranny of Perpetual Existence," by Franz Young, p. 10.
     "Fireflies," by Larry Schug, p. 12.
     "While Juggling in Pepin, Wisconsin," by Larry Schug, p. 13.
     "Two Photos," by Anne Roseen, p. 14.
     "Spontaneous Prose #17 Audrey's Gibson," by S. R. Redmen, p. 15.
     "Trickle Down," by Sister Mara Faulkner, p. 16.
     "Three," by Emily Drewiske, p. 18.
     "Line," by William Kelly, p. 18.
     "Soul," by William Kelly, p. 19.
     "Flag-Burning Amendment (we all need a cause), by Alex Evenson, p. 30.
     "For Cynth… (d. July 15, 1990)," by Vicki Ix, p. 32.
     "This Pain," by Angie Sexton, p. 33.
Photos and Drawings by Sarah Browne, Emily Haeg, Jessica Holte, Jennifer Valorose, and Matt Sand.

Volume 24, 1998: missing; may not have been published

Volume 23, Fall 1997:

     "Saint Urho by Amoco-Light," by Eric J. Christensen, pp. 9-13.
     "The Smuggler," by Michael Willette, p. 16.
     "The Bengal," by Joseph Liss, p. 21.
     "Thesis #11," by "J," pp. 24-26.
     "Outwash," by Megan Casey, p. 3.
     "Picking Out Mother's Casket," by Daniel Ferraro, pp. 4-5.
     "Plummet," by Tracy Schuelke, p. 6.
     Untitled, by Jesse Dermody, p. 14.
     "Kaddish," by Michael John Sersch, pp. 18-20.
     "Still Life," by William Kelly, p. 23.
     "Kitchen on Josephine Avenue," by Krisann Kleibacker, p. 27.
     "Sky and Earth," by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 28.
     "Fish Fry," by Michael John Sersch, p. 30.
     "Forgetting Home in China," by Erin Hicks, p. 32.
     "Storm Warning," by Lrry Schug, p. 33.
Drawings by Emma Thomas, Marissa Michael, Amy Caskey, Karen McLean, Shawn McNulty, Adam Sparks, Trevor Borgmeier, and Caitrin McIlvain.

Diotima – Volumes 21 and 22, 1994-1995:

Volume 22, Spring 1995

Essay, "And Gladly Wolde He Lerne, and Gladly Teche," [quote from Chaucer] an essay by Elizabeth Stoltz about Robert L. Spaeth's commitment to liberal education, pp. 20-22.
     "The Baden Hotel," by Kaarin S. Johnston, pp. 4-5.
     "TD2" by Jennifer Schmidt, p. 7.
     "Village at Sunset," by Janel Marie Scholl, p. 8.
     "Antiques," by Larry Schug, p. 12.
     "Air," by Larry Schug, p. 14.
     "Tamale," by Janel Marie Scholl, p. 16.
Photos, paintings and drawings by
Sister Thomas Carey OSB, "Last Supper; on front cover
Father Hugh Witzman OSB, " St. Benedict" on back cover
Photos, paintings and drawings by Bela Petheo, S. Dennis Frandrup OSB, Trevor Borgmeier, David Paul Lange OSB, David Blum, Ben Schwartz, Jennifer Sykora, Gretchen Bray, Chris Foreman, Luke Froehle, Jerome Tupa, Gao Min, and Mai Nguyen.

Volume 21: Fall 1994:

     "Nail Poem #18," by Larry Schug, p. 2.
     "Moths," by Kaarin S. Johnston, p. 3.
     "Thought of Milton in South Africa," by Jennifer Schmidt, p. 5.
     "Night Running," by Tiffaney Dressen, p. 8.
     Untitled, by Heidi N. Zapzalka, p. 11.
     "Eve's working produce," by Louise McCarthy, p. 12.
     "Destined," by S. Owen Lindblad OSB, p. 13.
     "Psalm of Salome," [no author given], p. 14.
     "The Recanting," by Jennifer Schmidt, p. 15.
     "Read this when I am dead," by Louise McCarthy, p. 20.
     "Little Obsessions: An Answer to My Roommel," by Jennifer Schmidt, p. 22.
Photos and Drawings by Joseph O'Connell, David Blum, Matt Cordes, Chris Foreman, Kris Gorman, Michelle Lahr, Victoria Powell, Alan Reed OSB, Matt Rydell, Raul Temploneuevo, and Tracy Tonnessen.

Diotima – Volume 20, 1993-1994:

Summer 1994:

     "the mississipou river empties into the gulf," by Lucille Clifton, p. 2.
     "His Shoes," by Tiffaney Dressen, p. 3.
     "Thought," by Tim Jacobson, p.s 4.
     "Unearthing," by Larry Schug, p. 6.
     Untitled, by Scott Breimhorst, p. 7.
     "Night Watcher: A Note to My Stalker," by Jennifer Schmidt, p. 10.
     "After reading 'The Yellow Wallpaper,' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, by Heidi Kelm, p. 11.
     "Island," by Larry Schug, p. 12.
     "for E.D.," by Tim Jacobson, p. 14.
     "A Prophet in the Temple," by Scott Breimhorst, p. 15.
     "This One," by Heidi Anne Wolak, p. 16.
Drawings and Photos by Sarah Rowley, Rob Bellin, Peter Cha, and Chad Jerzak.

Winter 1993:

     "Autumn Afternoon," by Matthew Selby, p. 4.
     "Cardboard Boxes," by Tike Jacobson, p. 5.
     "For Your Most Ferret Eyes," by Jennifer Schmidt, p. 7.
     "Connection," by Larry Schug, p. 8-9.
     "Servitude," by Katy Noonan, p. 10.
     Untitled, by Jennifer Schmidt, p. 11.
     "Bright Blue Bra," by Lisa Reiner, p. 12.
     "Loveland, Ohio, 1993, by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 17.
     "Like Anyone at the End of a Chain," by Larry Schug, pp. 20-21.
     "One Second of Sound," by Benjamin Brown, p. 22.
     "That which is," by Kai Link, p. 25.
Photos and Drawings by BJ McDonald, Steve Whalen, Joe Christensen, Ross Crombie, Chad Jerzak, Ronna Kohorst, Jason Langer, Tim Murphy, Katy O'Leary, Jennifer Nathe, Adam Sparks, and Jennifer Sykora.

Fall 1993:

     "When I First Learned to Count," by Marie Celeste, p. 3.
     "Lover's Quarndary," by Feeb E. Pheldstyne, p. 4.
     "Mirrored Reflections," by Jeffrey Ayer, p. 6.
     "I Would Gladly Trade," by Kaarin S. Johnston, p. 9.
     Untitled, by Kaveh Rahimi, p. 10.
     Untitled, by Sheila Wondra, p. 16.
     "The Soulless," by David Dressel, p. 18.
     "Applesauce and Ice Cream," by Daniel Benson, p. 20.
     "Turtle Soup," by Kai Link, p. 22.
Photos and Drawings by Jennifer Mobley, Joe Christensen, Ross Crombie, Peter Crouse, Ellen Guertin, Chad Jerzak, Ronna Kohorst, David Paul Lange OSB, BJ McDonald, and Nicolette Wilson.

Diotima – Volume 14, 1992-1993:

#4, May 1993:

     "Condoms Can't Solve Everything," by Joe Radaich, pp. 16-20.
     "Oak," by Paul Schmelzer, p. 22.
     "Seventy," by Daniel Benson, p. 23.
     "A Minnesotan and a Fly," by Larry Schug, p. 25.
     "Turning Your Back," by Jenny Sell, p. 25.
     "A Wealthy Man," by Larry Schug, p. 26.
     "Road Grater Guy," by Nicholas M. Christianson, p. 27.
     "Transfiguration," by Julia Kellum Jensen, p. 29.
Photos and Drawings by Paul Wegner, Peter Crouser, Lisa Cotton, Geordie Griffiths, Sarah Horsager, Liz Stattelman, and Daniele L. Dosch.

#3, March 1993:

     "Cry with me," by Stuart Harding, p. 3.
     "Ice Breaking Up on the Mississippi," by S. Owen Lindblad, p. 5
     "Childhood Home," by S. Owen Lindblad, p. 6.
     "The 'Logical' English Language," by Manu Chakravarthy, p. 9.
     Untitled, by S. Josue Behnen, p. 10.
     "Rooms," by Larry Schug, p. 12.
     "Cross a Fiction," by Stuart Harding, p. 13.
     "Ancient Lakes," by Lisa Cotton, pp. 14-15.
     "Leak," by Sandy Longhorn, p. 18.
     "A Day Made Ready," by Larry Schug, p. 21.
     "Nail Poem #10," by Larry Schug, p. 21.
     "Still Life," by Jennifer Spindler, p. 25.
Photos and Drawings by Steve Whalen, Dan Page, Chad Zerzak, Geordie Griffiths, Mollie Sieve, Raul Templonuevo, Lisa Cotton, Paul Wegner, and James G. Oelhafen.

#2, December 1992:

     "Education: A Dramatization," by Dan Glisczinski, pp. 11-13.
     "Eloisa to Abelard," by Dr. Eila Siren-Perlmutter, pp. 19-22.
     "The Meal," by Lawrence Schug, p. 3.
     "Homing Poems," by Lawrence Schug, p. 4.
     "An Autumn Snow," by Daniel Benson, p. 6.
     "A Fear of Words," by Kaarin S. Johnston, p. 7.
     "Wisdom Teeth," by Dean J. Tautges, p. 8.
     "Refuge," by S. Owen Lindblad, OSB, p. 9.
     "The Head," by T. McKercher, p. 15.
     "Revelations," by Tim Feeney, p. 18.
Drawings by B.J. McDonald, Bridget Keenan, P.T. Tracy, Molly Farrell, Heidi Henderson, and Amy Forslund.

#1, November 1992:

     "Cloaked in Hiding," by S. Owen Lindblad, OSB, p. 1.
     "Return," by S. Owen Lindblad, p. 2.
     "Hace Quinientos Anos, (1492)," by Peter Vasquez-Kaplan, p. 3.
     "The Search," by Shelly Midthun, p. 6.
     "Too Busy to Pick Up the Lucky Penny," by Stephen M. Cleary, p. 7.
     "The Laundromat," by Dean J. Tauges, p. 12.
     "Signs Against the Rules of Men," by Kaarin S. Johnston, pp. 13-14.
     "Untitled," by Betsy Larson, p. 15.
     "Agate Hunger," by Lawrence Schug, p. 17.
     "Static," by Lawrence Schug, p. 17.
     "Time," by Lawrence Schug, p. 17.
Photoes and Drawings by David Hemak, Molly Farrell, Heidi Henderson, Mollie Sieve, and Paul Wegner.

Diotima – Volume 13, 1991-1992:

#4 Summer 1992:

     "Desert Island," by Patrick Hicks, p. 2.
     "My Fairest Flower," by David Hanrahan, p. 5-6.
     "Now Arriving," by Cory Busse, p. 7.
     "Self-Deception and Logical Contradiction," by Martin Andrews, pp. 8-10.
     "Permanent Change," by Joe Radaich, pp. 12-15.
     "Little Girl Soldier," by Erika Schwichtenberg, p. 16.
     "Animal Crackers," by Juli Jasken, pp. 17-19.
     "The Image," by Matthew Peckham, p. 22.
     "A Leap of Faith," by Nancty Opstad, pp. 24-29.
     "Game," by Corrina Lemar, pp. 31-32.
     "Waiting," by Tracy Schuldt, pp. 36-42.
     "Times Change," by Tony Smith, pp. 44-50.
     "The Dawn," by Steve Delmont, pp. 53-56.
     "Why Ask Why? A Reconstruction of Culture," by Petra Noble and Cate Palczewski, [unnumbered by would be pp. 60-62].
     "Murder on the Mississippi: Two Variations," by Lawrence Schug, p. 3.
     "Don't forget! We are sexual beings," by Brad Sjostrom, p. 10.
     "My Nubby Man," by Kendra Cass, p. 11.
     "Packaging," by Lawrence Schug, p. 11.
     "Pest Control?" by Dean John Tautges, p. 19.
     "It's about time I found some space," by Michael Jrmer, p. 19.
     "The Birth of an Island," by Travis McKercher, p. 21.
     "Tamarack Bog-Late December Afternoon," by Lawrence Schug, p. 21.
     "The Watchers," by Mara Faulkner, OSB, p. 23.
     "Imagination," by Srah Cremer, p. 30.
     "The Curse of St. Valentine," by Jacques Duquette, p. 30.
     "and maybe the way is through softness," by E.A. Krick, p. 32.
     "Goodbye (A Death in the Mall)," by Paul A. Schmelzer, p. 32.
     "Disease," by Michael Jarmer, p. 42.
     "We Planets Rotate," by Patrick Hicks, p. 42.
     "rhapsody," by Paul A. Schmelzer, p. 42.
     "Through the Window Sill," by Ann Germscheid, p. 43.
     "Poem to a Mechanic," by Lawrence Schug, p. 43.
     "The Breath of Art," by Tony Goddard, p. 43.
     "Homecoming," by Chris Jahnke, p. 51.
     "Dreams of Wishbones," by Patrick Hicks, p. 52.
     "she said yes," by Tim Radaich, p. 52.
     "When Dreams Collide," by Mike Ulferts, p. 56.
     "A Midnight Wandering," by Jacques Duquette, p. 56.
     "Scratching Like Rage," by Rachael K. Kasper, [no page # but p. 62].
Photos and Drawings by Steve Whalen, Joe Christensen, Sarah Cremer, Chad Tollefson, Ronna Kohorst, and Aaron Smith.

#3, April 1992:

     "The Eternity Method," pp. 17-18.
     "Sitting Stranded on 194," by Kristine Jean Bemboom, p. 2.
     "Las Vegas," by Sarah Klimek, p. 3.
     "Missbauk," by Francisco Elvira-Hernandez (in German), p. 3.
     "Phone Calls," by Dean J. Tautges, p. 4.
     "Shortnin Bread," by Mark Gabriel, p. 4.

#2, March 1992:

     "Dear Grandpa," page 10.
     "None of Which Are Lovers," by Jason Jarecke, p. 5.
     "Black Shiny Shoes," by Tony Goddard, pp. 6-8.
     "Rose, are you not sick?" by Jacques Duquette, p. 11.
     "Human Condition," by J.D. Olson, p. 11.
     "So Far Gone," by Stuart Harding, p. 12.
     "The Love Poem," by Kevin McGrath, p. 12.
     "Sacrifice of the Sparrow," by Thomas Aaron Frank, p. 13.
     "Cory Riddle," by Jason Jarecke, p. 13.
     Cover by Jason Jarecke
     Untitled by P.J. Tracy
     Naked Innocence, by Neil Sherman
     Self Portrait, by Chad Tollefson
     House, by Geoff Laskowski
     The Latvian Snow Frog Coming to America, by Geoff Laskowski
     Soviet Sailor, by Doug Desanto

#1, Winter 1991:

     "Passion," by Tony Goddard, page 3.
     "The Day God Told Me to Eat Cookie," by Carlo Theisen, p. 6.
     "Chicken Dumpling,: by Juli Jasken, p.2.
     "Poseidon's Guest," by Patrick Hicks, p. 2.
     "Sesame Street," by Jason Jarecke, p. 5.
     "Them: The Homeless," p. 5.
     "untitled…the halos of the dead are circles," p. 8.
     "Copper Harbor, Michigan Cemetery," by Lawrence Schug, p. 8.
     "Persephone," by Ptrick Mulrooney, p. 9.
     "It's wet outside. And Dark," by Michael Flood, p. 10.
     "Nail Poem #2 (Single Mother)," by Lawrence Schug, p. 11.
     "Unspoken unbroken," by Ann Marie Paulukonis, p. 11.
     "Untitled 3," by Danielle Fradin, p. 13.
     "Social Action," by Stuart Harding, p. 13.
     "Psycho Therapy," by Dean John Tautges, p. 14.
     Cover by Sarah Cremer
     Untitled by Neil Sherman
     Commander in Chief, by Judd Einan
     Church Windows,: by Rob Bellin
     Untitled by Stephen Augustine
     "God's Hand in Nature," by Erika Schlicting
     Untitled by Judd Einan
     "Meyer's Tree," by Rob Bellin

Diotima – Volume 12, 1990-1991:

#4, Summer 1991:

     "The Mail Must Go Through," by Vachel Miller
     "In(Version)", by Frank M. Thomas
     "Epitaph for Ulysses, Somewhere in Southern Texas," by Michael Paulukonis
     "On That Day," by Jacques Duquette
     "Instant Gratification," by Emily Howard
     "(Agnostic Driving Over) Hills," by Lawrence Schug
     Cover of Pope John XXIII
     Untitled by Dan Steger
     "UWS" by Nathan Block
     "Old Age," by Judd M. Einan
     "Don Quixote," by Doug Desanto
     "Soul" by Doug Desanto
     "The Lord Has Been Good to Me," by Dan Steger

#3, Spring 1991:

     "The Questions Which Suffice," by Thomas E. Laird
     "Moment," by Terri McCargar
      "Cocktail Party," by Julie Kellum Hensen
     "The Potter," by Julie Kellum Jensen
     "17 January 1991," by Mara Faulkner
     "The Homeless," by Jeff Kemp
     "Night Sky," by Reba Mathern
     "Two-Step on the Back Forty," by Dean Johnson Tautges
     "Well," by Lawrence Schug
     "Because Lyle Got A Hearing Aid," by Lawrence Schug
     Cover by Nathan Block
     Untitled, by Karen Kensing
     Untitled, by Doug DeSanto
     "Ambition," by Michelle Miller
     Untitled, by Danny Bublitz
     Untitled, by Danny Bublitz
     "Sangre y piel," by Ann Segel

#2, Winter 1990:

     "Sunset at Noon," English translation by S. Renee Domeier, pp. 2-3.
     "Car Trouble," by Tim Robinson, pp. 8-9
     "Demise of Temptation," by Kerem Durdag, pp. 12-13.
     "Forgotten Image," by John Klun
     "to many cooks," by Michael Paulukonis
     "Sonnet," bu Julie E. Zurn
     "(tuba solo)" by Michael Paulukonis
     "An Angel or Somethin'" by Lawrence Schug
     "Caretaker of the Dead for Julius Lester," by Sandra Longhorn
     "Basillica de S.Maria," by Doug DeSanto
     Untitled by Ann Segal
     "Parthenon," by Joe Kosmalski
     Untitled by Mary Johnstone
     "Beyond Death," by Lea Magat
     Untitled by Danny Bublitz

#1, Fall 1990:

     "The Puppeteer," by Lawrence Schug, p. 2.
     "On Platonic Relationships," by Eric Mechels, p. 4.
     "M" by Stuart M. Krahn, p. 6-7.
     "Sitting by Window in Main," Lorriane A. Meyer, p. 3
     "Overtime," by S. Lois Wedl
     "Prairie," by Lawrence Schug
     "don't gimme no," by Lawrence Schug, p. 5
     "The Unused," by Louise A. McNamara, p. 8.
     "Joy," by Jeff Kemp, p. 8.
     "The Morning Coffee Shop," by Dean John Tautges, p. 8.
     "Night-marred," by Karen S. Hovland, p. 9.
     "#82," by Kren Galarnealut, p. 10.
     Untitled, by Jeff Kemp, p. 11.
     Untitled, by D. John, p. 11.
     Cover by Sarah Cremer

Diotima - Volume 11: 1989-1990:

#4, Summer 1990:

"Smoking," Contest Winner for Prose by Jeff Licht, pages 3-5.
"Kerem and I," by Kerem Durdag, page 8.
"The Green Grass of Faso," by Timothy G. Krause, page 12.
"Independence Day," by Janine Krantz, pages 14-16.
Poetry by Jon Ricci, Cyril O'Reagan, R. Kantor, Paul J. Thoemke, Dan Glisczinski, Theresa Hennemann, Glen Skuta, Francisco Elvira-Herandez, Terri Anderson, Kathy Ryan, Larry Schug.
Photos/Drawings by Nathan Block, L.J. Fierst, Kelvin Yue, Kathy Ryan.

#3, Spring 1990:

Poetry by Lawrence Schug, Stephen Behm, Jon Ricci, Ed Lamm, Jon Ricci, Christian M.A. Fernholz, Michael Paulukonis, Lawrence Schug, and Sister Eva Hooker,CSC.
Photos by Maria Eaton, L.J. Fierst, and Nathan Block.

#2, Winter 1989:

Poetry by Joseph Cleveland, Mark Biscan, Lawrence Schug, Thomas R. Voller, Heidi Glotfelty, Paul Thoemke, Richard Brewers, Libby McGovern, James R. Kenney, Jr., Molly Metcalf, Stephanie Gray, and T.F. Dixon
Photos by Kelvin Yue, Nathan Block, and Leah Campbell.

#1, Fall 1989:

Poetry by James B. Kenney, Jr., Paul J. Thoemke, Mark Biscan, Kevin L. Dickinson, Cyril O'Regan, Steven Tacheny, Lawrence Schug, Terri McCargar, Omer Kerem Durdag, Dean John Tautges, Julia Antonsen, John Thomas Pollard, Amy Seltzer, and Monica Lindquist.
Photos by Maria Eaton, Amy Roering, Alice M. Wernimont, and Leah Campbell.

Diotima -Volume 10: 1988-1989:

#5, May 20, 1989:

Poetry by Rob Lawton, Steve Nelles, Ann Marie Strukel, Tim Hogan, Omer Kerem Durdag, Aaron Smith, Theresa Hennemann, G.A. Fischer, Jacqueline Dahle, Lawrence Schug, Karen Hovland, Tim Myers, and Thomas Dale Doroff.
Photos and Drawings by Mary Carol Litchy, Leah Campbell, and Michael P. Kosir.

#4, May 17, 1989:

"They Didn't Does," by Bobbi Blackwell, pages 3-4.
"The Energy of Fire – The Heat of an Argument," by Joseph Cleveland, pages 5-7.
"Title…I Guess," by Colleen Deignan, pages 8-11.
"True Pleasure," by James B. Kenney, pages 12-13.
"Surviving Can Be Fun," by Timothy G. Krause, pages 14-19.
"Fishing for Seagulls," by Rob Lawton, pages 20-27.
"The Secret Member of the Azelea Street Garden Club Goes to Hawaii without his Wife," by Lawrence Schug, pages 28-30.
"Santa Claus a Go Go," by Lawrence Schug, pages 31-32.

#3, March 28, 1989:

Poetry by Karen Hovland, Kathy Corrigan, Lawrence Schug, Joseph Cleveland, Anna WonSavage, Sister Michael Kilmer, OSB (daughter of poet Kilmer), Sara Head, Omer Kerem Durdag, Carrie Reynolds, Michael Paulukonis, and Cynthia Zimmel.
Photos/drawings by Leah Campbell, Kathy Corrigan, Michael P. Kosir, and Maureen Macraith.

#2, December 16, 1988:

Poetry by John F. Klun, Lawrence Schug, Steven Nelles, Lucy Ling, Bobbi Blackwell, Sarah Head, Julie Berling, Linda Gadbois, Mary Carol Litchy, M.A. Holscher, Cassandra R. Bland, Earl Halley, Michael Paulukonis, and Rob Lawton.
Photos by Mary Carol Litchy, Tom Cook, Margaret Preber, and Kathy Corrigan.

#1, November 7, 1988:

Poetry by Cyril O'Regan, Anita Angela Stuart, Mark Moeller, J.K. Thomson, James W. Burke, Rob Lawton, Lawrence Schug, and John Klun.
Photographs by Kathy Corrigan, Andrew Morsches, and Leah Campbell.

Diotima --Volume 9: 1987-1988:

#3, May 17, 1988:

"Fried Eggs and a Grapefruit," by C.W. Thomas, pages 2, 4-6.

#2, March 22, 1988:

"The Fading of the Rose," by Katie O'Meara, pages 2-3, 6, 8, 10.

#1, November 9, 1987:

"Moving On," by Dave Medvec, pages 5-6.
"A Small Tribute," by Laurie I. Fontaine, page 11.

Diotima - Volume 8: 1986-1987:

#5, May 15, 1987:

"Sometimes I Remember . . ." by Elizabeth Hensler, page 3.
"Baking Days" by Lexann Pryd, page 4-5.
"Cooper" by Parnell Thill, page 6.
"Cheese and Macaroni: A True Adventure" by Matti Feeney, page 9-10.

#4, April 10, 1987:

"A Stranger in Katie's Life" by Kelly Ihns, page 3- 4.
"Scribble Me Your Story" by Shelley Pling, page 10-11.

#3, March 6, 1987

"I Really Lived Today" by Rebekah Hanson Wilson, Page 2-3.
"Quiero Ver La Realidad (I want to See the Reality)" by William Straub, page 5.
"Three in One" by Shelley Cartier, page 8-9.

#2, December 12, 1986:

"I Had to Wear Socks" by K.Glassmann, page 3.
"Gratefullness and Thanksgiving" by Evon Pemble, page 6.
"Guardian Angels" by Laura Ann, page 10.

#1, October 31, 1986:

"That Which We Call Diotima – By any other name would not be as sweet." By Dawna Lichtsheidl, page 2-3.
"Miss You Mother" by Parnell Thill, page 4.
"Rain" by Jim Merickel, page 9.

Diotima -Volume 7: 1985-1986:

#6, May 16, 1986:

"If a Body Meet a Body Coming Through the Rye" by Kevin Mongrain, page 3-4.
"From a Sober Perspective*" by Sue Swenson, page 5-6.
"Shakespeare's Lesson in Human Nature" by Amy Olimann, page 9.
"Un/Real" by Deborah Labatte, page 11.
"Cold" by Jill Connelly, page 13, 16.
"Danae" by Darla J.Decker, page 15.
"The Doorman" by Law Korta, page 19.
"The Color Purple From a Male Perspective" by Dave Howard, page 23-24.
"Her Return" by Sharon Sinner, page 25.
"Today's Ulysses" by Catherine Gorr, page 27.

#5, April 23, 1986:

"Lair of the Leopard, Lion, and She-Wolf" by Todd H. Guggisberg, page 3.
"Flying Flesh" by Ann Howard, page 6.
"Poetry of the Innocent from the Chambers of Hell" by John C. Merkle, page 8, 10, 13, 14.
"Fate, Inc." by Lawrence R. Shug, page 17-18.

#4, March 19, 1986:

"On Being Real" by Carla Mae Streeter, O.P., page 3, 5.
"Frankenstein: An Alternative Ending" by Caroline Spaeth, page 8-9.
"Hi-Ho" by Sarah Denny, page 12.

#3, February 4, 1986:

"Yuppies and Puppies" by Mary Muchulda, page 3- 4.
"Fifteen" by Mary Ellen Conklin, page 6-7.

#2, December 1985:

"An Alternative" by Bill Linsenmeyer, page 2.
"Gloria Mundi" by Hilde Robinson, page 3, 5, 6, 9.

#1, November 13, 1985:

"That Which We Call Diotima – By any other name would not be as sweet." By Dawna Lichtsheidl, page 2.
"Androgeny: Eve's Secret" by Mary Beth Haas, page 3, 5.
"On Self-Fulfillment" by Sean Leavitt, page 7.
"Abby" by Parnell Thill, page 11.

Diotima - Volume 6: 1984-1985:

#5, May 10, 1985:

"God, The Unity That Connects," by John Merkle, pp. 3-5.
"The Station Café," by Elizabeth Weinstein, pp. 8-12.

#4, March 29, 1985:

"On Homer" by Raymond Larson, page 3, 5.
"The Street" by Tom Wrich, page 7.
"Growing Away" by R. J. Divinski, page 8, 9.
"Quest of Faes" by Cathy Geenen, page 10-12, 17.
"My Father" by Susan Sipavich, page 16-17.
"Cruisin' For Angie" by Parneell Thill, page 18.

#3, December 6, 1984:

"Loops of Thought: An Overview of Gregry Bateson's Work" by Micheal J. Opitz, page 3.
"Marriage" by Annette Atkins, page 4.
"My Country Life" by Kevin J. Murphy, page 5.
"Women" by Caroline Spaeth, page 6.
"Last Days in Aix" by David Thoreen, page 8.
"Another Face" by Julio Ojeda, page 9.
"How Many Students are Here? A Beginners' Taxonomy" by Stanley J. Idzerda, page 10-11.
"The Politician and the Snake" by J. S. Devadeson, page 12-13.
"Hitchhiking" by Gary Michealoski, page 14.
"The Hijacking of Flight 309" by Shelley Buss, page 15.

#2, November 2, 1984

"What is Liberal About a Liberal Education?" by Stanley J. Idzerda, page 3.
"Bernini" by Paul Wolda, page 4.
"The Poor Get What They Grab" by Victor Mokom Kisob, page 7.
"Lee's Café" by Jacqueline E. Gosline, page 8-9.
"Odd One Out" by Heidi Hovland, page 11.
"Blood Sample" by David Thoreen, page 14.
"Another Censored Subject" by Shelley Buss, page 15.
"Quiet in the Dorm" by Lamia Kronfli, page 15

#1, October 10, 1984:

"That Which We Call Diotima – by any other name would not be as sweet" by Dawna Lichtcheidl, page 2.
"The Flowering of Faith" by John C. Merkle, page 3-5.
"Success Story" by Nick Adams, page 6, 8.
"A Social Drinker: A Cheever Parody" by Dave Thoreen, page 9, 12.
"To be Gifted – A Handicap?" by Julie McGannon, page 11.
"Chief Seattle's Portrait of a Dying Culture" by C. P. White, page 13.
"The Importance of Language Second or Otherwise" by Ruth Lewis, page 14.
"A Censored Subject" by Shelly Buss, page 15.
"The Double Standard" by L. David Laurence, page 16.

Diotima - Volume 5: 1983-1984:

#6, May, 23, 1984:

"Leaving" by Linda Hansen, page 2.
"The Flowering of Faith" by John C. Merkle, page 3, 14.
"Sacred Deeds and Appreciative Living" by Debra A. Doll, page 4.
"A Paper on the Comparison of the Sonata and a Sonnet." By Caroline Spaeth, page 8.
"Destoying and Loving Capacities in "To Build A Fire" by anonymous, page 11.
"On Love and Work" by John C. Merkle, page 11.

#5, April 25, 1984:

"Courage: A Quality of the Mind or of the Heart?" by Susan Mushel, page 2.
"When Honesty Hides" by Hans Alwin, page 3, 8.
"The Continuing Heritage of the American Revolution" by Kelly Rasmussen, pp. 5, 12.
"For your Cultural Entertainment . . . Rock'n Roll Animals" by George Gagnon, p. 7.
"Killer" by David Thoreen, page 9.

#4, March 7, 1984:

"CSB/SJU: A New Model of Cooperation" by Megan Haas, page 2.
"The Subject of Women Revisited" by Jane Hougnon, page 3.
"Men, Women, And Seagulls or Subsets of the Greatest Culture" by James G. Pogge, page 4.
"Ruth" by Dave Stepan, page 5.
"A Tribute to Mrs. EDDY" by Joe Cashman, page 5.
"On Childhood Ashes Rekindled" by A. Jernberg, page 8.
"The Gender of God" by Jane Merickel, page 9, 11.

#3, December 19, 1983

"The Plastic Friend" by Mark Kinney, page 2, 9.
"Grace Under Pressure" by Shawn Gillen, page 3, 16.
"Trouble on the Gridiron" by Chuck Holden, page 5.
"Pain is the Enemy" by O.I.P., page 7, 8.
"A Place Apart: Blue Rise by Rebecca Hill" reviewed by Elizabeth A. Spaeth, page 8.
"The Disciple" by Chuck Holden, page 10.
"All I Thought Absurd" by Greg Hessel, page 12.
"Conversation Bubbles" by Karl Hagstrom, page 14.

#2, November 22, 1983

"Of Human Bindage" by Ginny Paulson, page 2.
"From Protest to Resistance: The Honeywell Project" by Greg Hessel, page 3.
"Compassion for God" by John C. Merkle, page 4.
"What is Music?" by Lynda Gradert, page 6.
"The Taste Test – Pfeifer vs. Michelob" by Shelly Fling, page 6.
"The Comparative Struggle – a Declarative Sub-Narrative" by David G. Hulm, pages 8- 9.
"Are They Childish or Childlike?" by Mariana Meidl, page 12.
"The Symbiosis of it All" by Susan Nygaard, page 14.

#1, November 3, 1983

"That Which We Call Diotima – By Any Other Name Would Not Be as Sweet." by Dawna Lichtscheidl, page 2.
"Are Women Individuals?" by Jane Hougnon, page 3.
"Who Lit the Wonder . . . ?" by John C. Merkle, page 4, 8.
"Sixteen" by Tom Wrich, page 5.
"On the Way Up" by Mark Kinney, page 6, 10.
A Book Review – "Kennedy and the Berlin Wall Crisis" by Dean Rusk, The University of Georgia School of Law, page 7, 11.

Diotima -Volume 4: 1982-1983:

#6, May 10, 1983

"How Does Silence Communicate" by Mariana Ginder, page 2, 9.
"A Long Awaited for Event" by John C. Merkle, Ph.D, page 3, 11.
"The Untouchables" by Terry Berner" page 4.
"The True Quintessence of Spain" by Thomas Howard, page 6.
" A Chance to be More Vulnerable" by Greg Hessel, page 8.
"Round and Round We Go" by David Lawyer, page 10.

#5, April 14, 1983:

"Just Think!" by editors, page 2.
"Establishing an Identity" by Dr. Joan Steck, page 3.
"Women's Issue – Stress and Self-Esteem" by Kristi Fuller, page 5.
"Changing Tires and Changing Stereotypes" by Sue Quinian, page 6.
"A Reply" by Annette Atkins, page 7.
"Gram" by Catherine Claveau, page 8.

#4, March 23, 1983:

"Women's Week at CSB, April 11-15: Women Past, Present, Future," by editors
"Political Language, Gobbledygook, Over-Specialized Jargon and Other Obscurantisms," by Linda Walczynski, page 3, 13.
"Search of Self in Retreat," by Jack Perry ("Christian life as a call to be in the world, while also simultaneously asking us to take time out from the world to reflect), page 4.
"Reflections on 'Time Out,'" by Dan Doyle on the February 27th time out retreat with the theme "Christianity: a call to be in the world, page 5.
"Abraham Joshua Heschel: His Major Works," by John Merkle, page 7-8.
"Death as a Reflection of Life," by Mary Rose Anderson, page 11-13.

#3, December 15, 1982:

"In Pursuit of Peace," by S. Renee Genereux, OSB, page 1, 11.
"Heschel's God in Search of Man," by S. Linnea Welter, OSB, pages 3, 15.
"Two People Doing Clay Stuff: S. Dennis Frandrup and Stan Shafer," page 4.
"Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam Reconsidered," by John Moriarity, page 6, 17.
"Peace and Justice," by Bob Tschida, pages 8-9.
"The Real Peacekeepers," by Maureen Fitzpatrick, page 13.
"For All Genkind," on sexist language, page 16.
"American Catholic Bishops: A Peaceful Proposal," by Tiffani Joslyn, page. 18-19.
"Individual Directions," by S. Ingrid Anderson, OSB on her reflections on women, page 21.

#2, November 4, 1982:

"Do We Fear Success?" by Kathy Sanisto on women, page 2, 10-11.
"A National Symposium: Abraham Heschel," by John Merkle, page 3, 5.
"On Women and Subservience," by Teresa Clarke, page. 6.
"Androgynous Humans," by Shirley Meyer on women's move toward equality, page 9.

#1, October 7, 1982:

"Beautiful and Loved – History of that which we call Diotima," Greek Socrates instructed by Diotima, page 2 (copy originally in volume 1 of Diotima), page 2.
"Shakespear's Audience and Elizabethan London," by Elizabeth Lytle, page 3.
"In an age of multinationals, Responsible Science?" by Shirley Meyer, page 4, 10-11.
"Self Concepts via Extended Metaphor," by Shirley Meyer, page 6.

Diotima - Volume 3, 1981-1982:

#6, May 19, 1982:

"Woman Artists: Coming of Age," by Liz Lawyer, page 2.
"The Living Process," by July Nohner, page 3.
"Yet another chapter of Gulliver's Travels?: A voyage to supranticaelfuciesextran," by Mary O'Brien, page 4, 8.
"Lemuel Gulliver Remembered: Voyage to Dnal Deroloc," by Linda Walczynski, page 5, 13-14.
"Voluntary Simplicity – Recognizing our Responsibility," page 7, 10.
"Where do we draw the line?" by Maureen Fitzpatrick, page 9.
"A state of the education address," by Dan Yanisch, page 15-16.
"Virgil Michel: An Introduction," by Robert Spaeth, page 17-18.

#5, April 19, 1982:

"What constitutes a life of Christian Living," by John Steffenhagen, page. 2.
"A Broken Music," by Toshimi Horluchi, page 3.
"A Vindication of Mary Wollstonecraft," by Mary O'Brien, page 4, 11,
"Lysistrata: Smarts, Sex and Swords," by Martin Grochala, page 6.
"The Price of Patriotism," by John Zumerchik, page 7, 11.
"Job Hunting Made Easier," by Phil Kronebusch, page 8.
"Different People," by Peter Lawyer, page 9, 13.

#4, March 10, 1982:

"Through our Spirutuality," by Tiffani Joslyn, page 2.
Women's Week at CSB, March 8-12, page 2.
"Is the Priesthood ready for women," by Liz Lawyer, page 3.
Horsemanship Center, by Sue Quinlan, page 4.
"I conquered the mountain," page 6-7.
"Call a Spade a Spade but don't call a woman a woman," by Carol Hogan, page 8-9.
"Ideals: Just another phase?," by Catherine Spaeth, page 11.
"A Search: Through Frost and Eliot," by Linda Paulson, page 13.
"In Defense of the Indefensible," by David Lawyer, page 15.

#3, December 17, 1981

"Christ's Advent" by Micheal Kwatera, O.S.B., page 2, 21, 22.
"An American Tragedy" by Catherine Stalboerger, page 3.
"Encounter with Poetry" by Toshimi Horiuchi, page 6.
"The Trisha Brown Dance Theater -- Getting Through Winter" by Elena White, page 7.
"Man/Woman Relationships – The Pendulum Swing" by Linda Walczynski, page 9, 10.
"Assault: To Be Aware, Beware" by Carol J. Hogan, page 11.
"The Shattering Truth About Christmas" by Tom Leydon, page 12.
"An Alternative to Christmas" by Ann Berg, page 13.
"October 6, 1981" by Bob Burgett, page 14.
"Another Day" by John Steffenhagen, page 15.
"Hodgepodge" by Greg Perlmutter, page 16.
"Reading Between the Lines" by Robert L. Spaeth, page 17, 20, 22.
"The Red Bell" by Linda Paulson, page 18.
"The Year Santa Didn't Come" by Sheila Murphy, page 18.
"Models of Patience and Courage" by Ann Mayers, page 19.

#2, November 4, 1981:

"Breaking in a New Symbol" by editors, page 2.
"Logic, Pillow Problems and Alice" by Catherine Burnett, page 3.
"On Liberal Arts" by Sister Emmanuel Renner, page 4, 12.
"Education vs. Training" by Fr. Micheal Blecker, page 5.
"Portait of the Artist as a Young Man" by Jon Hassler, page 7.
"Reagonomics Revisited" by Gary Prevost, page 8, 9.
"With Appologies to the Networks – God is to Whom We are Eternally Loyal" by David Lawyer, page 9.
"Autumn, I Remember You" by Robert S. Baumgart, page 10.
"A Revelation" by Paul Norton, page 12.

#1, October 8, 1981:

"Pronounced [ de-o-te-ma ]" by editors, page 2.
"Bill T. Jones, The Informer" by John Paul Brownson, page 4.
"Reaganomics: Voodoo or Science?" by John Zumerchik, page 5.
"The Right to Be Me" by Linda Walczynski, page 6, 7.
"Brubeck Plays the BAC" by Liz Lawyer, page 7.
"A Farewell to Rigs" by Daniel Bugler, page 8.
"The New York Experience" by Kris Blakeslee, page 9.
"The Pelican Experience" by Ann Berg, page 9.
"A Personal Choice: Abortion" reviewed by Robert L. Spaeth, page 10, 11.
"Guthrie Renaissance – Behind the Scenes" by Mark Barrett, page 12.

Diotima, Volume 2, 1980-1981:

#7, May 20, 1981:

"Is a lifestyle compatible with life," by Elizabeth Spaeth, pages 2-3
"Dear Seniors," by Miriam Hoff on reflective questions as you graduate, page 4.
"Monte Cassino: The Untold Story," by Tom Leydon, page. 5.
"Woman and Poor," by Sister Benedice Schulte on living in northern Japan, pages 6-7.
"Facts for Lean and Hungry Years," by S. Sheila Rausch on the crisis of essential world resources, page 11.
"The Land Ethic," by Mary Knoblauch on environmental degradation in the modern world, pages 12-13.
"Social Justice through Civil Justice," by Bob Martineau, page 14.

#6, April 14, 1981:

"Soul-searching: the uncertainty of our calling," by Paul A. Treckel, page 2-3.
"The Choreography of Merce Cunningham," by Elena White, page 4-5.
"John Cage: Issues and Controntations," by Philip Welter, page 6.
"The Refusal, an experience of politics and poetry," by S. Sheila Rausch on the movie "The Refusal" based on Gordon Zahn's book "Solitary Witness," page 8.
"A Review Essay on Capital Punishment and the Problem of International Terrorism," by Robert Spaeth, pages 14-16.

#5, March 19, 1981:

"Dorothy Day Remembered," by Liz Lawyer on life/death of Dorothy Day, p. 3.
"Post Card from Poland" by Deb Walczynski and Kevin Greene who, after a semester in Spain, spent Christmas in Poland, page 9.

#4, February 18, 1981:

"Tradition, Freedom and Faith," by John Merkle, page 3.
"Jon Hassler: Writing and Novel Thoughts," pages 6-7.
"Monasticism: The Old in the New," by Peter Gathje, page 9.
"Moral Sins," by Catherine Spaeth on the loss of the dreams and hopes of liberals on the occasion of the inauguration of Ronald Reagan, pages 11-12.

#3, December 11, 1980:

"A True Caballero," by Terese Fink, on Josefina Caballero (who came to U.S. from Cuba in November 1961) , page 2.
"Faith, Tradition and Study," by John Merkle, page 3.
"A Joint Endeavor," by Colleen McCarthy on the early years of the Joint Events Council as the most positive example of cooperation between CSB/SJU students since the Bennie Bus, page 10.
"Society's Ways," by S. Colman O'Connell on some literature about US sexism, page 11.

#2, November 11, 1980:

"J.F. Powers: Area Author," by Cathy Berg, page 4.
"Betty Powers: Irish Tales and Tea," by Bob Mendoza, page 5.
"Look Forward to 'Homeward'" by Caroline Stalboeger, on the CSB/SJU production of "Look Homeward Angel," page 10.

#1, October 9, 1980:

"Birth Pangs," by Kris Blakeslee about women's life changing, page 5.

Diotima - Volume 1, #1, May 16, 1980:

"Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman," by Kristin Blakeslee on the lecture given by Jean Kilbourne, "Exploitation in Advertising" on April 21, 1980 page 3.
"Follow Dollar Signs" by John Wakeman Linn and Julie Wakeman Linn, page 3.
"Slim Pickings" by John Gilmore, page 4.
"After 1500 years…," by Sister Linnea Welter on the Holy Rule, page 4.
"Sesqui—What?" by Laura Szalacha on the Benedictine Sesquimillenium – reflections on the Benedictine tradition and values, page 5.
"Reflections" by Brenda Sherwin, page 6.
"Mary Mark Moves On," by Clare McGinnis, page 7.