Lottie Ardolf Boulevard Entrance

   Entrance dedication ceremony, 1994   Entrance dedication ceremony, 1994
Entrance dedication ceremony, 1994 (click thumbnails for larger images and more information)

The Lottie Ardolf Boulevard Entrance (south entrance) was built as part of the Campaign for the Future, which focused on the creation of spaces for the sciences and students. Construction began on April 18, 1994 and finished with a dedication ceremony the following September. As part of the dedication ceremony, students planted trees along the road while President Colman O’Connell, OSB gave a speech highlighting the significance of the new entrance, noting that the new entrance will help “welcome people into the community.” Frank J. Ardolf Jr. financed the construction costs of the new entrance through generous financial donations to the College of St. Benedict.

The entrance is located off College Avenue, directly across from the President’s house. To view a map of the campus that includes the entrance, click here.


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Special thanks to Ariel Smelter ’12 for drafting this text.