Saint Ben's @ Home

The CSB office of Alumnae Relations is excited to present Saint Ben's @ Home, a conversation series with Saint Ben's campus leaders. Each month we’ll be taking on topics of interest to alumnae and friends everywhere. Moderated by Heather Pieper-Olson, CSB vice president of institutional advancement, this interactive series is free, and can be accessed by all members of our community.

Fall Series

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Saint Ben's at Home; Photo/text: Heather Pieper-Olson, Vice President, Institutional Adavncement, College of Saint Benedict Photo/Text: Brian Bruess, President, CSB and SJU, Photo/Text: Cory Piper, Dean of Admission, CSB and SJU

Saint Ben's @ Home: Building a Campus Wide Enrollment Management Program

Presented on: November 10

Join us for a chat with CSB and SJU President Brian Bruess and Dean of Admission Cory Piper to talk about enrollment at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s. Moderated by Heather Pieper-Olson, the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, we’ll discuss the enrollment challenges facing higher education and the unique advantages our institutions offer prospective students.

Saint Ben's At Home

Saint Ben's @ Home: Meet President Bruess

Presented on: October 6

You’ve probably heard and read about all the exciting changes happening across both campuses and throughout our community. And we’re thrilled to welcome CSB and SJU President Brian Bruess to share his enthusiasm for accepting this new role and his vision for strengthening both institutions. We’ll dig into important questions about our identity, our mission, the challenges facing all of higher education, and most importantly, the value of continuing to be a “college for women.”