Annette Raigoza, Ph.D.

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My group is interested in fundamental studies of the interactions of interactions of biological materials with surfaces.  In my group, we primarily focus on using organic molecule films (self-assembled monolayers) to modify the properties of the surface, thereby altering its interactions with known biological materials.  We are developing methods that take into account thermodynamic and kinetic factors to tailor the physical and structural properties of the surface, helping us understand the mechanisms behind biological material adsorption and desorption.  This research requires a high level of surface characterization to fully examine the mechanisms behind biological material adsorption/desorption, therefore it will provide much needed information for the use and development of biosensors, biomedical implants, and other biotechnologies.

Annette Raigoza, associate professor of chemistry

CSB Ardolf Science Center 245
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College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Alicia Peterson
Chair, Chemistry Department
CSB Ardolf Science Center 123 and 246

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