Eric Rego Big Idea Competition

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The Eric Rego Big Idea competition is in honor of Eric Rego, an E-1 who graduated in 2006. Eric sadly passed away in 2008.  In remembrence of Eric, this Big Idea Competition was born. To compete, students must submit a 30 second video application(application link below).  A group of Bennie and Johnnie Entrepreneur Scholar alums then select the top 10 pitches from those submissions. The top 10 finalist will then compete a 90 second pitch live at our event on February 23rd 2022.  Judges will then select the top 3 for a Q & A section to compete for cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! 

Video applications due February 9th by midnight!! 

2022 Event is Wednesday, February 23rd!
Stephen B Humphrey Auditorium, SJU

2022 Video Application link

  First Place                    Second Place                      Third Place

Who Can Participate?

 The BIG Idea Competition is open to any individual enrolled at CSB/SJU. We believe that all students have entrepreneurial potential and can demonstrate that potential with limited assistance. We would be happy to provide assistance to individuals to learn about how to further develop their ideas. 

More information: 

Questions? Email Center Coordinator, Kelli Gradin at [email protected] or [email protected]  
In your 30 second video submission you will not be able to answer all of these questions, but these questions should help you shape your video. Pick a couple of these questions to answer and use your 30 seconds to make us believe in you and want to learn more about your idea.

Watch the 2021 Event! 

1: The quality of your idea.

o    Does your idea meet a need?

o    Does your idea provide a solution?

o    Does your idea have a market?

2. The quality of your presentation.

o    Did you say your name and the name of your product/idea?

o    Did you make eye contact?

o    Did you present with confidence?

o    Did you leave the audience wanting more?

o    Did you ask the judges/investors for their support?

3. Demonstration that you can turn your idea into results.

o    Did you explain how much money you will need?

o    Did you explain how you will generate money?

o    Did you explain how you will sustain your idea over time?

o    Did you demonstrate that you have the skills and determination to make your idea come to life?

  What is a Venture Idea?

The possibilities are wide open.  A venture idea can be a needed new product, a new way to deliver a service, a new solution to an old problem, a new way to help others, etc.  It can address a campus need, a community need, a national need, or a global issue.  The venture idea can be about something that has never been tried, something that has been proven elsewhere but needs to be "tweaked" to be done in Central Minnesota, or something that strengthens an existing venture or product.   It can be an idea that would be delivered for profit or one that would require a nonprofit organizational structure.

Contest Rules

1.    Open to all current CSB and SJU undergraduate students. 

2.   Each individual must be current student

3.    Previous winners can apply again but are not allowed to submit the same idea

4.    Previous applicants who did not win may submit the same idea in consecutive years