Biology Major Requirements

Students begin the major with the Introductory Biology sequence (BIOL 101, 201 and 202). This set of courses builds a fundamental understanding of all areas of biology, from cellular and molecular to organismal to ecological and evolutionary.

  • Upon completing the Introductory sequence, students take five additional courses from a broad range of options, including: organismal, ecological/evolutionary, and cell/molecular biology.
  • Supporting courses in chemistry and mathematics are also required. Additional courses in physics and advanced chemistry are recommended but not required.

Students minoring in Biology take BIOL 101, 201, 202 and 12 credits of upper-division BIOL courses. CHEM 125 is a prerequisite for BIOL 201, and is also required (although CHEM 201 is not required for the minor).

Download a 4-year planning sheet on how to complete the Biology major in the Integrations Curriculum.

A more complete description of the Biology curriculum and course options can be found in the most recent CSB/SJU Academic Catalog.

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Exploring Medicine
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