Dialogue Group Topics

The Becoming Community Dialogue Groups have helped shape institutional change for inclusion in relation to their group topics.  There were more than 300 individuals in the Dialogue Groups, including students, staff, faculty, monastics, alumni, and local community members!  Groups met from 2019 through winter 2020. 

Group topics were:

Politics of Dignity
Native & Indigenous Inclusion
Dismantling Racism
Microaggressions & Unconscious Bias
Universal Design and Disability Justice
Sexual Health, Intersectionality, and Inclusion
Political Polarization and Inclusive Community
Coordinate Relationship in a Sexist Society
Mental Health and Inclusion
Deconstructing Racism and White Privilege
LGBTQ Inclusion
Microaggressions in the Churches
Domestic Diversities/Global Diversities
Inclusion as the Norm? Transforming Campus Policies and Norms
Supporting Mental Health amid Everyday Microaggressions & Social Oppressions
Strong Center, Open Door: Benedictine Identity, Inclusive School
Nonbinary Life on Binary Campuses: Trans Inclusion
Town and Gown: Community Partnerships for Inclusion
Trauma, Community Restoration, and Inclusion
Bias and Inclusion in Sports
Social Class and Access
Migration and Inclusion
Countering Racism and Ethnocentrism
Hidden Curriculum: 1st Gen & Transfer Student Inclusion
Food Insecurity at the Intersections of Social Class, Oppression, and Inclusion
Women, Sexism, & Intersectionality in Higher Ed
Environmental Justice, Sustainability, and Inclusion
Becoming a Consenting Community: Preventing & Addressing Sexual Assault
Benedictine Heritage and Religious Diversity
Cultural and Religious Diversity
Cultural Diversity on Campus, Microaggressions, and Racism
Inclusion in Motion: Inclusive Pedagogy and Student Mentoring
Working for Inclusion...Remotely From the Twin Cities!
Inclusion? All in a Day's Work!
New Groups starting in January