Cadets & Prospective Students

A Week in the Life of a FSB Cadet

What does a week as an ROTC Cadet look like?

Physical Fitness

Cadets only experience two days a week in which they need to wake up early for physical fitness training. Cadet physical fitness training starts at 0600 and ends at 0700 on these two days. It consists of various events from group runs, sprints, circuit training, strength training, aerobic workouts, swimming and various other events.

Military Science Class

Next, cadets will attend their military science class for an hour two days a week. Freshmen cadets only have class for an hour one day a week. Class consists of learning in the classroom and reviewing various aspects of the Army. Sometimes this will be reviewing of historic events, doing projects to build the team, and of course a few exams to test your knowledge. Each level of classes is designed to build on each other and give cadets the knowledge to be successful in their Army career.

Military Science Lab

tactical lab

MSI and MSII Cadets conducting tactical lab

Cadets will also attend a lab one day a week for 2-3 hours depending on the event. Lab is designed to use the skills learned in the classroom and give cadets a chance to use those skills in a team environment. Cadets during their senior year will help plan and evaluate the actives that happen during lab. Cadets in their junior year will receive leadership opportunities to help learn ways to improve their techniques as a leader. Freshman and Sophomore cadets will get the opportunity to be a member of a team and learn the techniques of Army leadership and skills.

Cadets are only required to wear their uniforms to physical training and to the first class of the week. During the second-class period of the week cadets will wear nice pants and a polo.

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Professor of Military Science:

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CPT Steven Poepping
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