Family/All-Gender Restrooms

The following campus locations include family or all-gender restrooms.  
Unisex Restrooms -Map for CSB and SJU 

CSB (campus map): Schoenecker Commons, Schoenecker Admissions, St. Wendelin, Main Building, Regina Hall, Mary Commons, Aurora Hall, Corona Hall, Margretta Hall, New Athletic Building, Brian Hall, HCC, Clemens Library, Ardolf Science Center, Lottie Hall, Henrita Academy Building, Murray Hall, Ricarda Hall, Health Center, Academic Services Building, BAC.

SJU (campus map): Emmaus Hall, Frank House, Greg House, Joe Hall, Stephen B Humphrey, Learning Commons, Mary Hall, Virgil Michel Hall, Dome Building, Baseball Concessions Building, McKeown Center, Flynntown Apartments, Alcuin Library, Peter Engel 

Changing Tables 

The following campus locations provide changing tables. 
A map with additional details is coming soon!


  • Gorecki
  • Haehn Campus Center (HCC)
  • Outdoor Athletic Complex (OAC) 


  • Alcuin Library & Reinhart Learning Commons (rooms 173, 175, and 191) 
  • Peter Engel Science (rooms 202 and 250)
  • Dome Support (room 102)
  • Mary Hall (107) 
  • McKendrick Hall (rooms 152 and 156)
  • McKeown Community Center (rooms 102 and 104)
  • Quadrangle (rooms 102, 104, 067M, 067W, 156M, and 156W)
  • Abbey (rooms A103 and A105)
  • Sexton (rooms 026, 027, 111, 112, 202, and 203)
  • Stadium Press Box (rooms 188 and 190)