Honors Program

Exploring Ideas in Community

What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is a select group of students who explore an exciting world of challenging ideas together. CSB and SJU Honors students pride themselves on their shared love of learning and they relish their exchanges of ideas and hard questions.  These exchanges go beyond the classroom walls to everyday life.

Are Honors courses more difficult?

Much is expected of Honors participants, and they have much to gain as they learn alongside other highly motivated students. Students interested in a challenging and rewarding academic experience will benefit from being surrounded by fellow students who share their view of learning.

What are the goals and objectives of the Honors Program?

Goal 1: To develop the necessary academic skills of communication and critical analysis in order to participate fully in the academic discourse of the institution.

Objectives: Scholars should possess the skills necessary to understand, create, and share diverse ideas through:


  1. excellence in writing
  2. leadership and rigor in academic discussion
  3. excellence in interpretation and application of disparate sources of information

Critical analysis

  1. excellence in evaluating ideas through critical reading and writing
  2. excellence in integrating ideas, attitudes, and cultures across the Core Curriculum
  3. generating works that are based in an acquired body of knowledge and diverse experiences

Goal 2: To develop habits and attitudes necessary for an effective scholar.

Objectives: Scholars demonstrate leadership by:

  1. broadly participating in the intellectual, cultural, moral, and creative life of the institution
  2. exhibiting enthusiasm and responsibility for the expression of ideas in a variety of contexts
  3. fulfilling the role of scholar as a contributor to the good by sharing scholarly and creative work
  4. demonstrating the rigor and fortitude in grappling with the complexities of the human condition.